Weird Darkness has been compared to “Coast to Coast” with Art Bell, “The Twilight Zone” with Rod Serling, “Unsolved Mysteries” with Robert Stack, and even YouTube channels such as Rob Dyke, Mr. Nightmare, and others.

Weird Darkness can be found in virtually all podcast players such as iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Podcasts, Podbean, Stitcher, etc., along with other media platforms like YouTube, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, and you can even ask your home’s smart device (Echo, Siri, etc.) to “Play the Weird Darkness podcast.”


It was in late September 2015 the pilot episode “Mothman: The Enigma of Point Pleasant” was posted… not as a podcast, but as a video on YouTube.  The next month it was decided to move forward with a regular series at two videos per week, focusing on subject matter such as ghosts, unsolved mysteries, true crime, conspiracies, and anything else that is strange, dark, or bizarre.

While Weird Darkness did find fans on YouTube, the growth was slow.  A year later in October 2016 it was decided to also offer the episodes in podcast form by by simply utilizing the audio from the YouTube videos.  It was then that the show truly began to find its base and began growing… fast.

Another year later, and in October 2017 the tough decision was made to stop making videos and concentrate solely on the podcast.  Doing this meant higher quality audio episodes – and I could post more often.  The show exploded in popularity.   In doing so, Weird Darkness generated over one-million downloads in the first six months immediately following the October 2017 change – and continues to grow even more quickly today with no hint of slowing down.  As of April 2019 the podcast was receiving over 500,000 downloads per month!


Weird Darkness is hosted by professional voice artist, Darren Marlar, who is also the creator of the show.

Darren Marlar lived in the Kansas City area for the majority of his childhood and teen years, and calls Olathe, Kansas his hometown. From elementary school onward he found himself entertaining people in some way shape or form. Acting on stage, singing in a variety of choral groups, being the front-man for rock bands, or as a soloist for competition, getting involved in community theater, and eventually discovering radio in 1990, in which he has worked full-time ever since.

In 1995, Darren married his bride, Robin, and they are still very happily married.

In 2004 Darren moved to the Rockford, Illinois area outside of Chicago and along with radio and acting also stepped into stand-up comedy on the side.  It was in Chicagoland that Darren found his love for acting again and began landing roles in small, independent television and film projects.

Along with radio and acting, Darren Marlar is well-known as a professional full-time voice over artist.  He has been providing quality audio recordings to clients around the world. If his voice sounds familiar, it is due to having voiced thousands of radio commercials, TV spots, movie trailers, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, corporate presentations, phone prompts, and more!  Many people recognize his voice from his work as the narrator for “Facts Verse” on YouTube.

And, of course, he is most recognizable today as the host of Weird Darkness.

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