“GREYSTONE MANSION: A HOLLYWOOD HAUNTING” and More Freaky True Paranormal Stories! #WeirdDarkness

(Weekend Archive Episode originally aired February 20, 2018)

IN THIS EPISODE: A girl in an almost empty movie theater feels someone, or something, tugging at her shirt. (The Haunted Houston Movie Theater) *** They spoke a strange language, had bright green skin, and were utterly inexplicable. Who were they? (The Green Children of Woolpit) *** A ghostly boy appears outside a restaurant in Nebraska. (The Haunting Little Boy From Nebraska) *** A dark house, a baby sitter, an unexplained noise, and a shadowy figure. Normally the setup of a cliché horror movie – but this time, it was real. (The Hunchback Shadow Man) *** Over the last two decades, there have been frequent reports of a ghostly woman who wanders the halls of Greystone Mansion, leaving traces of lilac perfume in her wake. (The Greystone Mansion Murders) *** Is the White House haunted? The evidence seems to build more and more every year. (Is The White House Haunted?)

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