#WeirdDarkness: “THEY MOSTLY COME AT NIGHT” and 6 More Creepy Tales! #ArchiveEpisode

Due to the Independence Day holiday in the USA, I am uploading an archive episode today. New episodes will resume uploading this coming Monday, July 8th. This episode contains a mix of true stories and creepypastas.

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“A Dark, Cold Shadow” was written by Alan G.: http://bit.ly/2JsMOAz
“Come Fishing” was written by Rich: http://bit.ly/2L09TxI
“Camping Out” was submitted anonymously: http://bit.ly/2JbWBvG
“Second Sight” was written by Simone: http://bit.ly/328KAyU
“Time Travel Can Result In Killing Your Doppelganger”: http://bit.ly/2JadNBY
“They Mostly Come at Night” was submitted by Derek Hawke: http://bit.ly/2GO9sD9
“The Absence of Conflict” was submitted by Star Kindler: http://bit.ly/2KZBu1Q
Music provided by EpidemicSound and AudioBlocks with paid license. Music by Shadows Symphony (http://bit.ly/2W6N1xJ) and Midnight Syndicated (http://amzn.to/2BYCoXZ) used with permission.
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