“How I Came To Believe In Ghosts” and 3 More Dark, True Stories!

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IN THIS EPISODE: It could be everyone’s ultimate fear. Not death… but being buried before death. Buried alive. It’s not just a trope of horror cinema and novels, it has truly happened on a few occasions – and we’ll hear stories from a few people who were buried alive, but survived to tell the tale. (I Was Buried Alive) *** The circumstances of wrestling coach John du Pont’s bizarre crimes were portrayed in the critically acclaimed true crime drama film, Foxcatcher. Steve Carell was lauded for his performances as John du Pont, and the film was nominated for five Academy Awards. But how true is the film compared to the actual events? (The Real Story Behind The Movie Foxcatcher) *** A Weirdo family member relays a terrifying story of what is described as “El Nahual” in Mexico – a shapeshifter, that her dad barely escaped from! (El Nahual In The Avocado Grove) *** Reddit users share their own personal tales of how they became believers in ghosts and the paranormal. (How I Came To Believe)
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“El Nahual In The Avocado Grove” submitted anonymously by a Weirdo family member
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