“ANGEL OF DEATH: Inside The Mind of a Serial Child Killer” and More True Dark Tales!

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Archive episode – previously aired June 20, 2018) *** It was John Wilkes Booth who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln… but Booth had an assassin as well, coming after him. (The Man Who Murdered The Assassin) *** Many haunted locations are popular with ghost hunters and fans of the paranormal – but what if your business is being destroyed because ghosts are scaring off your customers? (Popular Australian Tourist Attraction Has a Ghost Problem) *** Imagine having a strange dream about being in the hospital, and the doctors taking a blood sample from you – then you wake up in bed to find a needle mark in your arm? And your spouse has one too! (What Happened To Us) *** A contractor tells his personal story of a strange creature he came across while working with the U.S. Navy and NATO in 1954 Spain. (Reptile Confrontation) *** We’ve all had songs stuck in our heads at one time or another – but what happens when it’s a name that gets stuck in your brain? A name you haven’t heard in decades? (Nick Adonidas) *** Beverly Allitt was a children’s nurse… and also one of Britain’s most notorious killers. (Angel of Death: Inside the Mind of a Serial Child Killer)

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