“AL CAPONE AND THE GHOST OF JIMMY CLARK” and 5 More TRUE Paranormal Horror Stories!

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Archive episode – previously aired June 25, 2018) *** It’s first sighting was described as “half man and half beast, standing about five feet six inches, with a tall pointed head. Whatever it was that he had seen, he was convinced that it was neither a bear nor a monkey.” We take a look at the mysterious creature, the Yeti. (Taking a Look At the Yeti Phenomenon) *** On May 16, 1929, Al Capone was arrested in Philadelphia on gun-carrying charges – but it was a put-up job that unfortunately led to a year in prison and Capone’s first encounters with the ghost that he believed haunted him to the grave! (Al Capone and the Ghost of Jimmy Clark) *** Seeing an intruder while in the shower may sound cliché for the movies – but not so much when it happens to you. (Those Strange Fingertips) *** Multiple women have disappeared without a trace from what has become known as Ireland’s ‘vanishing triangle’. Their fates still remain a mystery. (The Ireland Vanishings) *** When you see something out of the corner of your eye, simply to turn and not see anything there… is it your imagination, or is something else at work? (From Work to Home) *** The ancient pterodactyl, the legendary thunderbird, the cryptid known as the Mothman: could they all be one and the same? (Is Mothman a Shapeshifter)

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