NATIVE AMERICAN Myths, Monsters, and Legends

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IN THIS EPISODE: Native American people in Oklahoma tell of a vampire-like creature called a stikini, or “man owl”. (The Stikini Vampire) *** The Native American Iroquois are terrified of a flying demonic creature that takes pleasure in tormenting their people – just for kicks. (The Flying Head of the Iroquois) *** Native Americans have wonderful legends of a powerful and magnificent Thunderbird that was sent by the Gods to protect humans from evil. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t terrifying. (Shapeshifting Thunderbirds) *** The Hopi Indian tribe encountered what they called the Maasaw – a living skeleton that was not only horrifying, but also gifted the Hopi with sacred knowledge. (The Skeleton Man of the Hopi) *** Many Native myths and legends deal with coyotes – for some it is the most sacred of all animals. For others, it is the most profane of animals. (Legends of the Coyote) *** Did the Comanche Indians defeat a race of white, red-haired giants? (White Giants) *** The Illini people have had numerous encounters with a mysterious dragon-like creature that existed thousands of moons before the pale face came. (Piasa – The Native American Dragon) *** The Cherokee have an interesting tale of how disease and medicine came into existence – and the story also explains why Native Americans respect all life. (The Legend of the Little Deer) *** The Cherokee people talk of an ancient light-skinned people whose blue eyes were so sensitive to light that they lived in the dark, underground. (The Moon-Eyed People of the Cherokee) *** The Chumash Indians in California first spoke of the dark watchers in legends and their artists painted images of them on cave walls. Who or what were they? (The Dark Watchers) *** Native Americans in North America have a well known cryptid that is believed to live even today – it’s cannibalistic, it can shapeshift, and it’s called the Wendigo. (Wendigo – The Native American Cannibal) *** All cultures have tales of heroes defeating evil. The Algonquian tribe is no different – and their mythical hero defeated evil sorcerers and the sorcerers’ demon followers. (Glooskap the Demon Slayer) *** …and more Native American lore!

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“The Stikini Vampire” by A. Sutherland:
“Legends of the Coyote” by A. Sutherland:
“Wendigo – The Native American Cannibal” by A. Sutherland:
“Glooskap the Demon Slayer” by A. Sutherland:
“White Giants” by Trycia at DiscloseTV:
“The Legend of the Little Deer” by Thalia Lightbringer:
“More Native American Lore” by Eric Redding:
“The Flying Head of the Iroquois” by Ellen Lloyd:
“Shapeshifting Thunderbirds” by Ellen Lloyd: and A. Sutherland:
“The Skeleton Man of the Hopi” by Ellen Lloyd:
“Piasa – The Native American Dragon” by Ellen Lloyd:
“The Moon-Eyed People of the Cherokee” by Ellen Lloyd:
“The Dark Watchers” by Ellen Lloyd:
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