“MEET ‘NORMAN’ THE A.I. PSYCHOPATH” and 4 More Disturbing And True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

MEET ‘NORMAN’ THE A.I. PSYCHOPATH” and 4 More Disturbing And True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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A neural network named “Norman” is disturbingly different from other types of artificial intelligence. How? Well, for one… it’s a psychopath. (Meet Norman, The Artificially Intelligent Psychopath)

Twenty high school students all lost consciousness and collapsed under mysterious circumstances during class on Tuesday, July 3. Was it mass hysteria? Juju in Ghana? Or did the students actually see ghosts as they claim? (Ghana Students Faint After Seeing Ghosts)

At a young age, Edmund Kemper decapitated his sisters’ dolls and even stalked his second-grade teacher with a bayonet. But he was young and just getting started. (Serial Killer Edmund Kemper)

During the Second World War, in the gruesome world of Unit 731, the unthinkable was done on a daily basis. Prisoners, were subjected to unimaginable horrors. Today, ghostly voices are heard and anomalies frequently appear in photographs. (Unit 731)

Ion Rimaru is a murderer like no other – vampirism, cannibalism, necrophilia – and why shouldn’t he? After all, he’s taking after his serial killer father. (The Disturbing Crimes of a Father and Son)


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