“THE HAUNTING OF DUG HILL ROAD” (5 Dark and True Holiday Stories)! #WeirdDarkness

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Episode 4 of 12 in the “Twelve Nightmares of Christmas” series!

This is a special “12NightmaresOfXmas” episode – each day from December 13th thru December 24th I’m posting a new episode of Weird Darkness featuring material from the new book, “The Spirits of Christmas: the Dark Side of the Holidays” by Sylvia Shults. Be sure to come back every day from December 13th thru the 24th for more Holiday Horrors!

IN THIS EPISODE: “Strange Happenings at Tod House”, “Professor Gladstone and The Murderer”, “The Mackey Haunting”, “The Dug Hill Booger”, “The Old Royal Ascot Hotel”

Sylvia Shults blog: https://sylviashults.wordpress.com/

BOOK: “The Spirits of Christmas: The Dark Side of the Holidays”: http://amzn.to/2BIlHNi

MUSIC: Midnight Syndicate, “Christmas – A Ghostly Gathering”: http://amzn.to/2iLOFn6


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