“The Misery of Forest Haven Asylum”, “Demon of the Belfry” and 5 More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

The Misery of Forest Haven Asylum”, “Demon of the Belfry” and 5 More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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A teenager shares his story of being abducted by aliens. You may dismiss it as a nightmare or sleep paralysis, but then how do you explain the injection marks on his body? (Tall Black Shiny Aliens)

A Weirdo family member tells us why we should be cautious when we hear dogs howling. (When The Dogs Howl)

Most stories about the men in black are of an aggressive nature, with victims being questioned by them, even threatened into remaining silent. But one man had a strange encounter where the MIB saved his life. (Helped By Four Men In Black)

It’s always a bit scary sleeping in a new house that very first night. But sometimes, as one Weird Darkness fan discovered, there is reason to be frightened. (Whispers In The Night)

They found the first body stuffed inside the church library’s closet. Then a second body turned up. I’ll share the creepy case of Theo Durrant – San Francisco’s “Jack the Ripper”. (Demon of the Belfry)

Outside of Washington, D.C. lies an abandoned institution with a thoroughly disturbing past. (The Misery of Forest Haven Asylum)

It was a tale that most considered simply gossip, or the town’s urban legend. The rich and powerful made sure it stayed a secret; but all secrets eventually come to light – especially those covered in racism, tragedy, and hundreds of deaths. It’s the truth behind the Hawk’s Nest Tunnel tragedy. (Town Of The Living Dead)


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