“ABSURD ENTITIES” and 6 More Creepy True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

In the numerous tales I bring to you each day, some of my favorite moments are when I come across a story of creatures that are truly bizarre. Something so out of the ordinary that even the word “paranormal” doesn’t quite cover it. I’m not talking vampires or werewolves, Bigfoot or Nessie, or even black eyed kids or the chupacabra. In a past episode I told you about vegetable aliens, and space fairies, but the list is a lot longer than that. Those aren’t nearly as strange as… say… alien robot flowers. How about a black blob with bulging eyes and wrinkles that glow? Or perhaps animalistic tree trunks with spider-like legs. Then there is the body-less mouth that floated against the wind and blew black vapors. What if you came across a large gelatinous-like humanoid creature that hummed and rattled when you approached it? These are just a few of the incredibly strange absurd entities I have to tell you about.

IN THIS EPISODE: Following the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp, American troops felt an urge to personally punish the camp’s guards. What exactly transpired still isn’t known. (How Dachau Concentration Camp Guards Got Their Comeuppance) *** When someone in her town was ill, Bertha was to first to pick up her medical bag and rush to the scene to try and help the sickly individual. It never failed though – shortly after her visit, Bertha’s patients would pass away. (The Horrible Bertha Gifford) *** The Chicago Water Tower is one of the oldest buildings in the Windy City. Is it also one of the most haunted? (Chicago’s Haunted Water Tower) *** A bell ringing team in England is plagued by phantom footsteps. (The Phantom Footsteps That Haunt Our Church) *** The crate was picked up and delivered to the docks. It was scheduled to leave for New Orleans that afternoon, but inclement weather kept the boat and crew in port for a week. That’s when sailors began complaining of a foul odor coming from the hold. (The Corpse In The Shipping Crate) *** In the already exceedingly odd history of mysterious encounters with unexplained entities, there are sometimes some that stand out as particularly bizarre, to the point of being almost ludicrous. And I’ll share a few. (Absurd Entities)

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** “How can I be saved?” http://ow.ly/gaE730lTme9

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