“APOLLO 20 AND CRASHED ALIENS ON THE MOON” and 5 More Creepy But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Little can grip people’s imaginations like stories of what might have been, alternative histories where zeppelins fill the skies, the Nazis won WW2 and JFK was never assassinated. One such speculative tale revolves around a subject already heady with conspiracy and legend — the Apollo moon landings. We can only imagine what alternative history would have unfolded if the program hadn’t been cancelled, but continued to explore the Moon. But one man claims the program was not canceled. In fact, he claims that Apollo 18, 19, and 20 did, in fact, go to the moon despite what was reported. And what Apollo 20 found was beyond incredible – it was downright unbelievable. On the other side of the moon, a crashed alien spacecraft – complete with the dead bodies of its crew. I’m Darren Marlar and this is Weird Darkness.

IN THIS EPISODE: It’s been 12 years since Jennifer Kesse disappeared from her Florida home without a trace. What happened to her? We’ll look inside this case that is still a mystery. (Inside The Unsolved Disappearance of Jennifer Keese) *** In 1894, a massive fire broke out in the forests of Minnesota, killing more than 400 people. Do their ghosts remain behind with the ashes? (Under a Flaming Sky) *** A teenager tells how ghosts are just part of day-to-day living for her family. (Ghosts – A Part of Life) *** One of the most well-known explorers, Christopher Columbus, had a signature that was so perplexing that most scholars believe it is a secret code of some kind – and so far, an unbreakable code at that. (The Secret Code Signature of Christopher Columbus) *** Some victims died because they happened to leave their doors unlocked. Others had been methodically stalked. How do serial killers choose their victims? We’ll look at the methods of nine of the most notorious serial killers in history. (How Do Serial Killers Select Their Victims?) *** Did a secret Apollo mission to the dark side of the Moon discover an ancient alien life-form? (Apollo 20: Journey Into Darkness)

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The story about the Gray Monster outside Buffalo, Wyoming which was referenced in the comments section of the podcast can be found in this episode: http://weirddarkness.com/episodes/1422/

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** “How can I be saved?” http://ow.ly/gaE730lTme9

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