Scare It Forward!

It’s a holiday tradition for me.  Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas I go through a drive-thru at least once and pay for the car behind me.  Not only does it leave me with a warm feeling, but it is a great surprise for the person in line behind me, and a complete shock to the cashier at the drive-thru window.  It’s an easy (and fun) way to touch someone in a positive way during the holidays – and you might be the one kind person to reach that individual all Christmas season long.

I’m making this easy for you.  Print out the picture below, or click HERE for a PDF printout.  Cut out the three fliers so you’ll be ready!  Next time you’re in a drive-thru, tell the cashier you want to pay for the person behind you in line and ask them to please give the person behind you the photo so they’ll know what just happened to them!  It’s a great way to spread the word about Weird Darkness while also bringing a little LIGHT into someone’s dark world at the same time!  I’d love to hear how it goes when you do this too!  Drop me an email with details of how it went down and what kind of reaction you received!

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