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I absolutely love this app – its on the homepage of my smartphone.  Blinkist brings you key ideas from the world’s best non-fiction books. Listen to an entire book in just 15-minutes, or you can choose to read the book on your favorite device.  Browse through themed booklets curated by industry experts, and get titles specifically chosen for you based on your interests.  They are now making a special offer to Weird Darkness listeners.  You can get a full-blown premium subscription FREE for a full seven days to try out. Once the week is up you can choose to continue with the premium version or continue on with the free version and still get a book to listen to every day of the week. Try it out now, you will not be disappointed! Get started at http://www.Blinkist.com/WeirdDarkness.

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Their pillows, mattress covers, and sheets stay cool and comfortable all night long!  They all come with a 10-year warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee!  You even can toss the MyPillow into your washer and dryer and it’s like new again – try doing that with your current pillow and see what happens!  Right now you can get 2 Premium MyPillows, normally $59.99 each, but now you can get BOTH for just $69.98 combined!  That’s the lowest price ever offered on the podcast!  But you MUST use the promo code WEIRD to get this special deal!  Visit MyPillow.com, click on the 2-Pack special – and be sure to use the promo code WEIRD!

It has been two hours since your last cup of coffee, and like clockwork you’re beginning to crash. When the gears of time don’t wait for you to get your next cup, you need something that can keep you going. Dawn to Dusk stimulates your body, brain, and cells so your gears can turn at maximum efficiency for up to 10 hours, letting your clock work hard and longer.  Click here to visit their website!

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ZipRecruiter’s powerful matching technology finds the right people for you — and actively invites them to apply!  ZipRecruiter is rated #1 by employers in the U.S. This rating comes from hiring sites on Trustpilot with over 1,000 reviews.  And right now, you can try ZipRecruiter for FREE by visiting ZipRecruiter.com/WeirdDarkness.

Hemp oil is exploding in popularity – and for good reason.  It is beneficial in a wide range of applications including health, anti-aging, nutrition, pain relief, hair growth, as a vitamin supplement, energy and focus, stress relief, better sleep, and it’s even useful for the furry family members in your home.  Even better – it’s all natural.  I use CTFO’s CBD oil personally for pain relief and it really works for me.  CBD oil has even been known to help with alleviating depression in some people.  Check them out at https://shop.myctfo.me/marlarhouse/.

Mail a real, personalized greeting card without leaving the house or going out to buy stamps! Choose from the hundreds of existing cards on the website – or create one of your own completely from scratch, using your own photos and message – and you can even use your own handwriting and signature if you wish… and do it all online! I’ve set it up so you can try it out for free – create a greeting card and I’ll pay for the printing and postage.  http://www.sendoutcards.com/weird.

(Watch the video below for a tiny sample of his work!)  It’s only fitting that Paul Spangler was born in 1973, the same year The Exorcist was released. Specializing in horror art and illustration. His subjects range from horror film stars of the Golden Age of Cinema to current ones. Sought out for his high degree realism, Mr Spangler works in a variety of mediums which include pencil, pen and ink, markers and acrylic paints. He often employs his mixed media technique to capture a subject in a truly unique way. After watching Dracula with Bela Lugosi at age nine, he was “hooked” on horror. Seeking out films and books of the genre ever since. Mr. Spangler’s work has won many awards. His work has included commissioned works, book cover art, DVD cover art, t-shirt designs, and more.  Along with his art work, Mr. Spangler also creates one of a kind distressed signs for clients, as well as selling one-off pieces.  He can be contacted on Facebook at his gallery page: https://www.facebook.com/cryptdaddy/


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