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Hemp oil is exploding in popularity – and for good reason.  It is beneficial in a wide range of applications including health, anti-aging, nutrition, pain relief, hair growth, as a vitamin supplement, energy and focus, stress relief, better sleep, and it’s even useful for the furry family members in your home.  Even better – it’s all natural.  I use two of their products daily which I’ve talked about in the podcast: Energy & Focus Oral Spray and their Appetite Suppressant Oral Spray (they call it a Weight Loss oral spray).  And while the CTFO website does not make the claim, I’m trying their Total Wellness CBD Capsules as I’ve read elsewhere that CBD oil might help control my depression symptoms.

MY PILLOWImage result for mypillow
Stays cool all night long – no more waking up at 3am to flip to the cool side of the pillow!  It keeps its shape – no more need to fluff your pillow in the middle of the night!  It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee – try it and if you don’t like it you can return it!  MyPillow comes with a 10-year warranty! (Do you have a pillow that comes with a ten-year warranty? I don’t think so!)  You can toss your MyPillow into your washer and dryer and it’s like new again – try doing that with your current pillow and see what happens!  Visit MyPillow.com or call 800-945-7192 and use the promo code WEIRD to get 2 premium pillows AND 2 Go Anywhere pillows for HALF PRICE!

Have you been dreaming of writing your own book? Have you already written one? How would you like to be a published author with Dorrance Publishing? They’ve been working with authors and publishing great books for nearly 100 years, and your book could be next! They cover it all – they edit your text, design your book pages, and create a great looking cover for your book. Plus, as one of their authors, you’ll also benefit from a custom book promotion marketing campaign – making your book available everywhere people buy books. Online like Amazon, as well as brick and mortar book stores. Your only job is to write the book!  Even if you’re only curious about the process, their author’s guide on becoming a published author is FREE!  800-847-1362

Image result for drug and alcohol addiction helpADDICTION & SUBSTANCE ABUSE: 800-831-1560
Here at Weird Darkness, scares are a daily thing. But what I’m about to tell you, might horrify you. Someone in your family could, right now, be playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette. Over 43-thousand people die each year from drug overdose. That’s 120 people per day… 5 people per hour… that’s a death by overdose every 12 minutes. And alcohol abuse is even worse – 88-thousand people die every year from alcohol abuse – that’s 240 people per day, 10 per hour… 1 person dying from alcohol abuse every 6 minutes. Somebody close to you might be next. Before that happens, take a proactive step and learn how to get those you love away from the drugs, alcohol, and other bad influences. With the FMLA, that person can even take a leave of absence from their job to get help – and keep their job so they can return to it. Learn more by calling 800-831-1560.

Image result for addiction and depressionDEPRESSION & SUICIDE HOPE LINE: 800-830-9804
Depression comes to all of us at times. I know personally, as I suffer from Depression myself, and have most of my life. But if you can’t seem to get out of it, if you are in a constant state of sadness (as I was), maybe even fighting thoughts of suicide, you’ll try just about anything to get away from the pain. You might be using drugs or alcohol to try and fight it. If that’s you, please stop and do me a favor – make one phone call that can save your life. You can speak to someone who not only wants to help you – but has likely gone through depression or addiction themselves and are in recovery. They can help you find a way off of that dark path you’re on.  Call for yourself, or call to help someone who can’t or won’t call on their own. Someone is there 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. 800-830-9804.

Image result for back taxesTAX SOLUTION NETWORK/TAX FORGIVENESS: 800-417-9743
The IRS is the most powerful collection agency in the world. They do not give up… until you pay!  Do you owe back taxes?  For a limited time, the IRS is offering a tax forgiveness program called the “Fresh Start Initiative” and calling the number above will make it easier to pay back taxes, avoid tax liens, and get a fresh start.

When Stan says “forever quality leather accessories” – he means it!  The quality of what you order is so high, it is guaranteed for life.  Combine that with the extremely low prices he lists his merchandise for and you can understand why he’s my official leatherworks for Weird Darkness!  Visit the website to check out many of the great leather products he offers, including wallets, jewelry, handbags, backpacks, drink coasters, and so much more!  If you’re looking for something not currently on the site, just contact Stan and he’ll probably custom make an item for you.  Heck, I’ll bet if you ask nicely he will even brand the Weird Darkness logo on what you order for free… he’s nice like that.

Mail a real, personalized greeting card without leaving the house or going out to buy stamps! Choose from the hundreds of existing cards on the website – or create one of your own completely from scratch, using your own photos and message – and you can even use your own handwriting and signature if you wish… all on the website!  You create it all digitally before it goes to the post office to get mailed!  I use this product almost every day and I believe in it so much I’ve set it up so you can try it for free – I’ll pay for the printing and postage.  That’s how much confidence I have that you’ll love it!

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