“SPECTERS OF THE RADIUM GIRLS” and 4 More Weird But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

SPECTERS OF THE RADIUM GIRLS and 4 More Weird But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode previously released July 31, 2018) *** A man is forewarned about a traffic accident that probably would have killed him. Was it a guardian angel, or is there another explanation? (The Phantom’s Fatal Forewarning) *** While the search for extraterrestrial life here in this universe is complicated enough, the problem becomes even murkier when you account for the multiverse theory. Could an alternate universe or dimension still be habitable by humans? (Is It Possible To Live In A Parallel Universe?) *** It has been proven that the Nazis were horrible war criminals and not only did some cruel and inhuman things to their prisoners, but even dove into the supernatural and paranormal in the hopes of turning the tide of the war in their favor. But I’m guessing you’ve not hear about how the Nazis used Bigfoot to further their plans, have you? (Nazi Gold and Bigfoot Costumes) *** Sometimes a horror film will haunt you in your dreams… but for one woman, those hauntings became more real than the movie itself. (It Was Just a Movie) *** During World War I, hundreds of young women went to work in clock factories, painting watch dials with luminous radium paint. But after the girls — who literally glowed in the dark after their shifts — began to experience gruesome side effects, they began a race-against-time fight for justice that would forever change US labor laws. (The Radium Ghost Girls)
“Nazi Gold and Bigfoot Costumes” by Nick Redfern: http://bit.ly/33rXyXZ
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“The Radium Ghost Girls” by Kate Moore: https://bzfd.it/37NLxQ2
“The Phantom’s Fatal Forewarning” submitted by Mark Ferris: http://bit.ly/2DoLaNI
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