“THE CRYSTAL SKULL’S DEATH STARE” and 9 More Horrors! #WeirdDarkness

THE CRYSTAL SKULL’S DEATH STARE” and 9 More Horrors! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from August 23-24, 2018) *** Was the unidentified man found dead on an Adelaide beach in 1948 a Cold War spy? (The Taman Shud Case) *** Two boys exploring the woods in Long Island, New York, found more than just the chestnuts they were looking for. (The Waldron Woods Mystery) *** One pupil discovers that Mystery Meat Monday isn’t the only thing to fear when heading to lunch at the school cafeteria. (The Student In The Cafeteria) *** It’s amazing the extraordinary lengths our world leaders will go to in order to cover up reports of alien aircraft sightings and the like. And we know they are covering them up, because occasionally they do come clean about it – as they did in the 1980s in Britain. (UFOs: When Governments Come Clean) *** A woman wake up to discover her husband has disappeared from the bed and she can’t find him. But after looking through the house, she finds something surprising waiting for her in the bedroom. (I Went Missing From Our Bed) *** Does the mysterious ancient “Crystal Skull of Doom” really have mystical, paranormal properties? (The Crystal Skull’s Stare of Death) *** A man begins hearing strange noises – only later to discover something extraterrestrial embedded in his ear. (Alien Ear Implant) *** On a hot, sunny, summer Saturday in 1966, three young women in bathing suits left all of their belongings on crowded beach and climbed aboard a motorboat on Lake Michigan. They were never seen again. (Young Women Lost) *** A young boy braves a snow storm and walks miles to the nearest town to try and get medicine for his ailing mother and siblings. On the verge of giving up, a warm-hearted stranger walking his dog comes into sight. But who walks a dog in the middle of a winter snow storm? (A Warm Meeting in Deadly Winter) *** On a quiet street in California sits a stately brick house swarming with paranormal activity… so much so, that Whaley House has been deemed the most haunted house in America. (The Terrors of Whaley House)
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