“THE TRUTH BEHIND THE BYE BYE MAN” and 9 More Gruesome, Horrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE BYE BYE MAN” and 9 More Gruesome, Horrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archive episode with stories from August 28-29, 2018) *** Once you learn his name, he preys on you. What is the reality behind the Bye Bye Man? Is the movie last year really a true story, or is it only loosely based on real events? Or is it entirely fiction despite being promoted as a true story? (The Truth Behind The Bye Bye Man) *** Recently released Pentagon papers indicate that in 2004, an unknown, 45-foot long object played cat and mouse with the U.S. Navy off the coast of California. And did so for several days. But can we believe the Pentagon papers are the real deal? (UFO’s Stalk Navy Ships) *** The Denver Airport; it has been plagued by incredibly strange theories since it opened. (The Denver Airport Conspiracy) *** For some it can be fun staying with grandma. For others it can be a terrifying experience. (Strange Incidents at Grandma’s House) *** In Japan there are reports of a sinister spirit – one that is eternally hungry… and to satisfy its hunger, it makes you ravenous with insatiable hunger as well. (Hungry Ghosts of Japan) *** Even seasoned police officers working on a military base can have the wits frightened out of them when they come across the paranormal. (Night School) *** Having a fine pedigree means nothing if you murder someone in cold blood – just ask the 7th Earl of Lucan, if you can find him. (Lord Lucan: Wanted For Murder) *** One of our Weirdo family members shares what he once saw in a cemetery in South Africa. (British Solider In The Mist) *** On July 8, 1878, one of the strangest murder plots in Pennsylvania history began with the purchase of four insurance policies – and ended with a lingering spirit that still haunts a local churchyard to this day. (The Blue-Eyed Six Murder) *** She was a housewife, who turned killer – then vanished without a trace. Now, over 40 years later, Sharon Kinne’s whereabouts remain unknown. (Sharon Kinne: The Murdering Housewife) *** Leo Frank was imprisoned and lynched for the murder of Mary Phagan – but was he truly guilty of the crime? (The Lynching of Leo Frank)
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