“LEGENDS AND LIES OF SASQUATCH: IS BIGFOOT REAL?” and 15 More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

LEGENDS AND LIES OF SASQUATCH: IS BIGFOOT REAL?” and 15 More Freaky True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from September 12-13, 2018) *** A mother and daughter go camping with the Girl Scouts – but what they experienced was not part of the fun, age appropriate itinerary. (Terror at Girl Scout Camp) *** Kirk Anderson said that Joyce McKinney tied him to a bed for three days and raped him repeatedly. She said that wasn’t possible. (The Case of the Manacled Mormon) *** Those interested in the paranormal likely already have heard of black eyed kids, or shadow people – but one person came across a being that inhabited the body of a co-worker – and turned the face completely black. (Was It Real?) *** If you lived in Illinois in 1977, you might have looked to the skies to see something terrifying – as Illinois was under siege by winged weirdness in the form of giant feathered fowls. (Thunderbirds Over Illinois) *** A perimeter search revealed blood stains in the yard, and bloody prints on the nearby garage. What Happened to Evelyn Hartley? (The Babysitter Who Vanished) **** A woman searches in vain for important papers, and gets a little help from a deceased grandparent. (Grandpa’s Guns) *** Does a giant bipedal mammal unknown to science exist in the United States? (Legend of Sasquatch) *** Did a Nikola Tesla experiment cause the Tunguska Blast? (Tesla’s Death Ray) *** The U.S. State Department has evacuated even more Americans due to a sickness that is spreading when people hear strange sounds. What could be causing the noise? (Sickening Strange Sounds) *** Do the ghosts of doomed lovers haunt a jagged cliff in Hot Springs, North Carolina? (The Ghosts of Lovers Leap) *** We’ll take a look at Bhangarh Fort – one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of India. (Bhangarh Fort: The Most ‘Haunted’ Place In India) *** A lifelong medium comes across a smiling entity. (Smiling) *** People in in the southwest of the United States are reporting sightings of giant birds, monsterous batlike creatures, even winged humanoids. What are they seeing? (Bizarre Bird Monsters of the Rio Grande) *** Were a murderer’s actions driven by a mental disorder, was he feigning mental disability, or did he in fact make an evil pact with Satan himself? (Contract With The Devil) *** Jack the Ripper. Who was the man (or woman) behind history’s grisliest unsolved murders? (Six Chilling Theories About Jack The Ripper)
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