“WHERE IN HECK ARE ALL THE ALIENS?” and 5 More True Paranormal Stories! #WeirdDarkness

Today, scientists know that there are millions, perhaps billions of planets in the universe that could sustain life. So, in the long history of everything, why hasn’t any of this life made it far enough into space to shake hands (or claws … or tentacles) with humans? It could be that the universe is just too big to traverse. It could be that the aliens are deliberately ignoring us. It could even be that every growing civilization is irrevocably doomed to destroy itself (something to look forward to, fellow Earthlings). Or, it could be something much, much weirder. Like what, you ask? In this episode, I’ll share some strange answers that scientists have proposed for why we have not yet met any extraterrestrials. And some of the reasons are completely, pun intended, out of this world. I’m Darren Marlar and this is Weird Darkness…

IN THIS EPISODE: One night about 60 years ago, physicist Enrico Fermi looked up into the sky and asked, “Where is everybody?”  He was talking about aliens. So why haven’t we met them yet? (Strange, Scientific Excuses for Why Humans Haven’t Found Aliens Yet) *** If you buy a used camper, knowing someone died in it, and with the bloodstain still clearly visible, you shouldn’t really be surprised later to find that it is haunted. (The Haunted Camper) *** George Barrington was a well-known author… and a well-known pocket picker. Oh yes, and he also says he saw a ghost ship. (Encounter With a Phantom Ship) *** A doppelganger is a strange creature that looks exactly like a real person, but is not that person’s twin. And seeing your doppelganger is considered a very bad omen. (Doppelgangers and Spirit Doubles) *** Nazi camp guard Maria Mandl sent half a million women to their deaths – and loved every minute of it. (“The Beast” Maria Mandl) *** The dragon is one of the most well-known creatures in ancient mythology, and many cultures have this creature (or one of its related forms) in their folklore. One of the lesser known dragons is that of the zmaj, a dragon that can be found in Slavic folklore. (The Dragon Zmaj)

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