Lizard People, Pizzagate, and Alex Collier

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Who Is Alex Collier?

For those of you who are uninformed, Alex Collier (real name Ralph Amigron) is one of the most well-known people to come into contact with an alien race known as the Andromedans. Collier’s experiences interacting with this alien race have been hugely helpful in showing the rest of the world that extraterrestrials do exist and that their technology is far more advanced than our own. Collier’s interactions also blew the lid off the secret alien race that is currently controlling the planet, known as “regressive ETs.” Collier worked as an undercover informant for the CIA, and he also investigated plenty of cases that involved extraterrestrials. Ever since first talking about his encounters with aliens, Collier has been under extreme surveillance by the government, and many people see to discredit him and his observations. Don’t believe the lies you have been told, as what Collier has to say stretches far beyond some minor conspiracy theory: his observations have blown the lid off of the worldwide conspiracy about the reptilian aliens who secretly rule us.

An artist’s rendition of an Andromedan. | Source

ETs From Alpha Draconis

These regressive, reptilian aliens first came to our world a very long time ago, and they seek to pit us against each other. Why the aliens from Alpha Draconis star system are so intent on causing humans harm is not well understood. Some believe that they are focused on enslaving the world’s population, though it is unclear why. They seem to be more interested in exploiting our resources and raising the temperature on the planet to make it more hospitable for them. The Draconians have been known throughout the universe to be an evil and war-like race, seeking total submission and dominance of all living beings in the universe. For thousands of years, the Draconians have been going around causing havoc all over the galaxy and from the looks of it, they will continue to do this until they are stopped by force. They have teamed up with the greys from Zeta Reticuli 2 to form a powerful alliance here on earth. While it may seem ridiculous to some people, all of the world leaders are in fact reptilians who sacrifice humans, particularly children. Now that Pizzagate has gone mainstream, more and more people are figuring out the truth behind our elected leaders and the fact that they are mostly reptilians in disguise.

What Is Pizzagate?

For the uninformed, Pizzagate is a proven conspiracy that details a pedophilic sex-trafficking ring in Washington DC, with the ring operating out of a pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong. When the emails of John Podesta were hacked and released to the public, a few astute minds realized that many of the emails contained coded messages detailing a human trafficking ring that exists in the capital. Of course, they did not go deep enough to realize that the real ones behind the ring are the reptilians, as they can increase their lifespan by drinking the blood of children. It is a nefarious plot and thanks to the tireless work of our government the amount of children disappearing has diminished rapidly since the 2016 presidential election.

Why Does the Government Lie to Us?

I’ve talked about at length before that our government here in America loves to lie to use and cover up events, turning them into “conspiracy theories.” The simple fact is that the American government does not like people like Alex Collier spilling the beans about events that could potentially cause an uprising in the country. If every American knew that they were being ruled by reptilian aliens, there would be a revolt, and the government does not want to deal with that.

What is known is that the Andromedans aim to help humans advance to the next level of human evolution. The Andromedans are an advanced civilization, and they are capable of telepathy in addition to possessing some of the most advanced technology in the entire universe. They are pale blue in complexion and around the same height as humans. They want to help humans fight back against the evil forces of Alpha Draconis, but in order to do so, the Andromedans need humans to become aware of the vast alien conspiracy in all world governments. Alex Collier has been in contact with the Andromedans since he was very young and so he has become the great bridge between our two civilizations.

How to Prepare for the Upcoming War

It is obvious that the status quo can no longer remain in place, as the Andromedans are grooming us to have the capability to take back our planet from the alien usurpers. Through their telepathic communications with us, we are learning the truths of the universe in addition to gaining the knowledge needed to defeat the reptilians. We have to prepare ourselves for an all-out war if we want to reclaim control of the planet back from the aliens.

How to Kill a Reptilian

As you could imagine, killing a reptilian is no easy task, as most conventional methods will not work on them. Most reptilians wear body armor that has an advanced alien coating to resist bullets. The armor can dissipate the forces of the shot, and that coupled with the thick skin of the reptilians, makes it hard to kill them with a gun, unless you’re able to hit them dead on in the face or head.

Alex Collier Is an American Hero

Thanks to the efforts of Alex Collier and the Andromedans, we have been given a fighting chance to turn the tables on the Draconians. The man has gone above and beyond the call to help his fellow humans, and it is a testament to his integrity and courage. Despite the rumors that abound on the internet, Collier is still alive and still communicating with the Andromedans, helping countless others prepare for the coming war against the reptilians. Truly, this will be our last chance as a species to reclaim our planet, for if we fail, we will most likely be exterminated.

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