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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark archives episode, originally aired September 23, 2020) Accounts of haunted lighthouses have existed for hundreds of years. To many they are considered to be isolated and romantic. Some lighthouses are possibly haunted due to tragedies from shipwrecks or other horrors that have spawned all sorts of lighthouse lore. Some who have spent the night at a haunted lighthouse come away with stories to share such as seeing a former lighthouse keeper, or resident of the keeper’s home. Could they still be present in some form after their death? Could keepers possibly remain behind to make sure no further tragedies occur at sea? Perhaps the worst fear of a lighthouse keeper, a ship wrecked upon the rocks, is why some lighthouses continue to be haunted by their former captains. Lights turning on, movement of objects, disembodied voices, and see-through specters are often reported within, or around older lighthouses. Are the ghosts of these souls still on duty? Modern-day tragedies at sea still occur and so do the ghosts that eventually haunt our world. If their walls could talk, lighthouses could share many stories from the past. Unfortunately, these objects don’t have the ability to tell their tales – but the phantoms that haunt them just might.
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