“ROBERT PICKTON: THE SERIAL KILLER PIG FARMER” and 3 More Serial Killer! #WeirdDarkness

ROBERT PICKTON: THE SERIAL KILLER PIG FARMER” and 3 More Serial Killer! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: By all observable accounts, Herb Baumeister was an admire-able family man, living on a beautiful million-dollar estate and farm with his lovely wife and three children. But they were also sharing that estate with a very dark secret that would eventually be revealed thanks to on of their children accidentally stumbling upon the grave of one of Herb’s numerous murder victims. (The Serial Killer Next Door) *** Behind his quiet demeanor lurked a brutal killer. He was eventually caught, but perhaps not brought to complete justice. Though Robert Hansen admitted to murdering seventeen people, one woman most all are sure he murdered is Beth van Zanten – but he insists she was not one of them. (Robert Hansen, The Alaskan Serial Killer) *** He’s confessed to a staggering 93 murders thus far—and the FBI believes all his confessions are credible. (Samuel Little, The Prolific Killer) *** Numerous women met a gruesome end on Robert Pickton’s isolated pig farm. He confessed to the killing of 49 – but there could be more. (Pickton The Serial Killing Pig Farmer)
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(Dark Archives episode, originally posted March 27, 2020)
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