“THE ELVES OF ICELAND” and 5 More Strange, Dark, and True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE ELVES OF ICELAND” and 5 More Strange, Dark, and True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: In 1761, a young Frenchman died violently. This tragedy would lead to what is still one of that country’s most famous cases of judicial injustice. Assuming, of course, that it truly was an injustice at all. (The Mysterious Death of Marc Antoine Calas) *** Most know them as “The Hidden Folk.” The elusive and magical residents of Iceland, who live inside rocks and sometimes play games with unsuspecting passers-by. Are they real? That’s a complicated question, if you ask Icelanders. (The Elves of Iceland) *** As two boys were walking back to the house on their farm, a small stone rolled past them. Then a second one. They immediately thought some other boys were hiding in the scrub and throwing stones for a joke.  They couldn’t have been more wrong. (Stone Throwing Spirits) *** Belle Gunness lured numerous suitors to her Indiana farm. Not to entertain them or to be courted by them. She simply wanted to kill them in cold blood and dump their bodies in her hog pen. (Belle Gunness – The Black Widow of the Midwest) *** Were people ever really tortured in Iron Maidens? (The Iron Maiden) *** “They’re going to steal your organs!” screamedSabina Eriksson, before running toward oncoming traffic on the M6 highway, having already been hit head-on by a Volkswagen. Her twin sister, Ursula, legs crushed by the truck that had just run her over, was spitting and screaming at paramedics on the side of the road. Now, more than a decade after these events, we’re still no closer to understanding the chaos that occurred over two days in 2008 involving psychotic twin sisters on a UK highway. (The Disturbing Case of the Eriksson Twins)

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(Dark Archives episode, originally posted April 03, 2020)
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