IN THIS EPISODE: H.H. Holmes allegedly killed as many as 200 people by luring visitors to his lair during the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. The 100 rooms of the house he built, were filled with trapdoors, gas chambers, staircases to nowhere, and a human-sized stove. But now, some historians say many of the gruesome stories about Doctor Holmes may be myth! (The Doctor And His Murder Castle) *** Michael Swango was an MD. He was a doctor. But the MD after his name could just as easily have represented “Master of Death”, or “Many Dead” – because there were. Up to sixty of his patients died by his own hands before he was stopped. (Doctor of Death) *** Dr. Buck Ruxton’s brutal deeds earned the surgeon a grim nickname… the Savage Surgeon. (The Savage Surgeon) *** During his 26-year reign at the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Henry Cotton performed over 645 twisted operations in which he tried to “save” the mentally ill. (The Horrifying Cures of Dr. Cotton) *** Stubbins Ffirth was so determined to learn about Yellow Fever in the late 1700s that he purposely exposed himself to those who had it. But HOW he exposed himself is an utter nightmare and will curl your stomach. (The Insane Experiment of Stubbins Ffirth) *** Horrifying medical experiments on twins helped Nazis justify the Holocaust, and at the center of it was Dr. Josef Mengele. (The Nazi Angel of Death) *** We’ll also look at a few other derailed doctors and nurses who had an unhealthy appetite for lobotomies, blisters, and the plague. (Doctors of Evil) *** Doctors killing or experimenting on patients isn’t confined to human victims, some animal experiments were equally as gruesome or bizarre. For example, what would happen if you gave an elephant LSD? (Strange Medical Experiments)
(Dark Archives episode from May 01, 2020)
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