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IN THIS EPISODE: It’s been said that kids are more open to the supernatural, perhaps because their minds haven’t been closed off to the possibilities that ghosts really exist. That makes stories about childhood hauntings even creepier. The real stories I’ll be sharing in this episode include ghosts encountered by kids of all ages. The stories might convince you that the nightlight your child insists stay on in the bedroom, needs to stay on for a reason.  (Haunted Children) *** There’s something inherently chilling about old orphanages. Maybe it’s the fact that scary orphanage stories abound – after all, the buildings are associated with heartbroken and lonely children. And not all of these tales concern the living. Plenty of real life ghost stories feature orphanages filled with restless and vengeful child spirits. (Orphanage Ghosts) *** And what should you do if your child says they see a ghost? Do you tell them there is no such thing? Do you encourage them to believe more fully? What’s the right thing to do? A couple of child psychologists have a few ideas on what you can do. 
(What To Do When Your Child Sees a Ghost)
(Dark Archives episode from May 06, 2020)
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