“GRUMBLETHORPE” and 5 More True Creepy Stories! (PLUS BLOOPERS!) #WeirdDarkness

GRUMBLETHORPE” and 5 More True Creepy Stories! (PLUS BLOOPERS!) #WeirdDarkness

It’s fairly rare to come across a ghost story with a relatively happy ending–where the living are able to accommodate the dead, and even provide them with assistance. But one such story happened in 1957. (The Ashes and Ghost of Elizabeth Bullock) *** Imagine being born without arms or legs. How would you manage? How would you live your life? People have, of course, been born this way – but two very interesting men not only made the best of it they could – but they made the rest of the world take notice! (No Arms, No Legs, Lots of Everything Else) *** The bloodstain remains on the floor to this day—and several witnesses have claimed to see a black mist materialize from the spot and glide through the house. We’ll look at a haunted home in Pennsylvania that goes by the name Grumblethorpe. (Grumblethorpe) *** We’ve all had a trick of the light make it appear something was on the other side of a window, only for us to change angles and the image would disappear – but what if the image doesn’t, and you know it can’t be there? (Creepy Floaty Faced Thing) *** Witnesses say they have seen people vanish into thin air. Drivers and motorists saw a young woman suddenly materialize in front of their vehicles. There are some strange things being seen around Blue Bell Hill in Kent, United Kingdom. (Mysterious Sightings at Blue Bell Hill) *** Murdered in Montana in 1983, Marie Philbrick was killed in the days before DNA analysis. Bernard Pease Jr. was convicted of her murder, but was he really her killer? (The Murder Trial of Bernard Pease, Jr.) *** There was a time where being physically fit wasn’t just good for your heart health and good lungs – but also good for your head. If you could beat the executioner in a foot race, you could avoid the guillotine! (Racing The Executioner)
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(Dark Archives episode from May 20, 2020)
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