IN THIS EPISODE: David Parker Ray is believed to have tortured and killed more than 50 women inside his soundproof trailer. A trailer he referred to as his “toy box”. (The Toy Box Killer) *** Two friends sipping soda and playing pool find the green table stained blood red, with no warning whatsoever. (Murder At The Pool Table) *** Malta, Italy is known for its splendid ruins, historical monuments, and ancient sites, but one of these places stands out; a mysterious underground complex that holds with in it many enigmas and oddities that remain unsolved to this day. (Malta’s Cryptic Catacombs) *** Weirdo family member Robert Foster tells of a creepy incident that happened to him while working security at an army depot in Oregon. (The Phantom Truck) *** Imagine opening up the newspaper and reading this paragraph: “If anyone doubts this story in the least… they are reliable men who would under no circumstances lend their names to an untruth.” Newspapers just do not stand by their sources this unwaveringly, at least not anymore… and especially if the subject of the article is a haunted house. (The Ghost Told Them To Move) *** Those who work nights are already in the creepy position of working what is called the “graveyard shift” – so you have to expect something to go wrong. If you are a security guard actively looking for something out of the ordinary during the graveyard shift, you know you’re going to go home with stories to tell. (Tales of Graveyard Shift Security)
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(Dark Archives episode from May 26, 2020)
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