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IN THIS EPISODE: Once in a while you’ll hear of a horrible tragedy and the victim will be described as “ground into mincemeat”. In some case, this is not much of an exaggeration. (Ground Into Mincemeat) *** In 2016, near the infamous Nazca Lines, an incredible find came to light – not gold or jewels, not remnants of pottery, but a tomb. But what was found within the tomb has raised more questions than answers, as the resident mummies appears not to be human… just humanoid. (The Nazca Three-Fingered Mummy) *** In 1983 Diane Downs shot her own children – Christie, Danny and Cheryl, in the backseat of the car. Miraculously, Christie Downs survived. (The Survival of Christie Downs) *** When it comes to demonic possession, it’s often chalked up to mental illness – but sometimes the events surrounding the possessed person are so bizarre and unexplainable, you are almost forced to believe in the supernatural. Such was the case with Don Decker. (The Pennsylvania Rain Man) *** Cannibalism – just the word itself is enough to creep you out. Fortunately, cases of it are usually distant, in some far-off, remote, jungle area, done by natives who have yet to discover civilization. At least, that’s what we like to believe. Unfortunately, it happens worldwide, nearer than you think. Like… in America. And in some cases, not so long ago. (American Cannibals) *** The death of a young girl and her boyfriend leave an Illinois town devastated… and it also left behind a lingering ghost. (The Ghost of Mary Jane Reed)
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