“KILLER KIDS AND MURDEROUS MINORS” and More Horrific True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

KILLER KIDS AND MURDEROUS MINORS” and More Horrific True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: As a listener of true crime podcasts, you likely are more than familiar with names like H.H. Holmes, Richard Ramirez, and Gary Ridgeway. But what happens when the serial killer hasn’t even reached adolescence? We’ll look at some chilling murders that were carried out by children, which will change the way you look at youthful adolescents from now on. (Killer Kids) *** Are there traits you can look for in a child that might indicate if they will become a killer later in life? We’ll look at three traits believed to be indicators. (Predicting a Killer) *** You can teach a dog to roll over and fetch. You can teach a cat to use the toilet. Lions and tigers have been trained to jump through hoops of fire to thrill spectators at circuses worldwide. And even a gorilla has been taught some basic sign language. But would you believe there was once a horse that could do arithmetic? (The Horse Who Could Do Math) *** William Stead was a newspaper editor and journalist in the 1890s. His beat wasn’t the fashion scene or stock market, nor was it the arts district or even politics. He covered the paranormal. And it wasn’t hard to come up with stories, because all he had to do was to call up someone from the underworld for an exclusive interview. (Words From Beyond The Grave) *** If you move into an old house, it always feels awkward at first. After a while though, it begins to feel like home. For some people, if the house is a bit older, perhaps that odd feeling of being watched never really goes away. But if your house was built 270 years ago, you probably should just assume you’ve got a spook or two already residing there before you sign the mortgage. (1750’s Horror Home)
(Dark Archives episode from June 09, 2020)
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“Words From Beyond the Grave” by Marc Hartzman for Weird Historian: https://tinyurl.com/ya3tk8rv
“1750s Horror Home” by Virulent Peach for Your Ghost Stories: https://tinyurl.com/y7vl59da
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