“TO HELL AND BACK” and More Terrifying True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

TO HELL AND BACK” and More Terrifying True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: What is it truly like in hell? Of course the only way to find out is to die – and that’s a bit extreme if you are just simply curious about the subject. Especially if you find yourself on the wrong side of the faith issue and have to spend an eternity in the “bad place”. But there are some who have reached the edge of life, teetering on the precipice of death, and believe they have experienced the fires of hell, and they were somehow able to return to tell us of their experience. (To Hell and Back) *** Most people are already familiar with the story of the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the White House, but he is not lonely, not by far. There are many who have claimed to have seen, heard, and even felt ghosts while in the White House… even in the Oval Office itself. (Ghosts of the Oval Office) *** Do you sometimes experience visions of future events? You have dreams and sometimes they come true later? What should you do if you are having realistic premonitions? (Handling Your Premonitions) *** Jane Cakebread loved her liquor… a lot. How deep was that love? Well, she was arrested hundreds of times and convicted an amazing 281 times for drunkenness. (The Drunkest Woman In The World) *** In olden times, pure and reliable water was the staff of life – so a well with fresh water was a godsend. But what if that well is haunted? (The Haunted Holy Well) *** Growing up together as next door neighbors, a boy has a crush on a beautiful young girl – but the crush turns into obsession, and that obsession lead to the end of two lives. (In Love With The Girl Next Door)
(Dark Archives episode from June 15, 2020)
“MYTHS ABOUT HELL” (Weird Darkness Afterward): https://www.spreaker.com/episode/50219296
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