“THE CHILD NOT REALLY THERE” and Other Strange True Stories – PLUS BLOOPERS!! #WeirdDarkness

THE CHILD NOT REALLY THERE” and Other Strange True Stories – PLUS BLOOPERS!! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: A child walking into their parent’s room in the middle of the night is something every parent who has ever had a child has experienced on multiple occasions – but one parent’s experience ended with a dark twist. (The Child Not Really There) *** Georgette Bauerdorf was a young socialite with a grand futurewhen her life was cut short in the dead of the night. Her screams went unanswered, and her murder became a mystery. And Georgette’s murder remains unsolved almost 80 years later. (The Unsolved Murder of Georgette Bauerdorf) *** The bat is a mysterious creature. To some, such as the Chinese, it is considered a symbol of luck. To others such as the Europeans and Americans, it is seen as something scary. And of course horror films see it as the flying form of Bela Lugosi. But the Mayans might have the strangest, or maybe coolest – depending on your outlook – opinion on the bat; they believe it is the representation of a deadly vampire god. (Camazotz: The Death Bat Vampire God) *** Helen Knabe’s life was remarkable, in the best sense of the word. Unfortunately, her death was also remarkable, but in the worst possible way.
 (The Deadly House Call) *** Blanche Monnier was kept locked in her bedroom for a quarter of a century. When finally rescued she looked inhuman. What her mother did to her was inhumane. (Locked In Her Room For 25 Years) *** An historian has come forward saying that his father, the former Commander of White Sands Missile Range in the 1940s, analyzed some of the material found at the UFO crash site at Roswell. I’ll tell you what he found.(Navy Captain Tested Roswell UFO Debris) *** The lynching of Sheriff Henry Plummer poses one of the most haunting mysteries of the Old West. But I’ll share some of the details that not everyone has heard about this grim 1863 incident. (The Lynching of Sheriff Plummer)
(Dark Archives episode from June 17, 2020)
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