“DOGFIGHT WITH A UFO” and 4 More Terrifying True Stories – PLUS BLOOPERS! #WeirdDarkness

DOGFIGHT WITH A UFO” and 4 More Terrifying True Stories – PLUS BLOOPERS! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: The U.S. Government explained the rapidly maneuvering lights as a weather balloon. But if you believe what fighter pilot George F. Gorman says, you’ll believe there are some giant holes in the U.S. Government’s story. Because Gorman ended up in an aerial battle with one of those so-called “weather balloons”. (The Gorman Dogfight) *** A passerby found scraps of paper on the ground, implicating that one of the areas most prominent families was harboring a secret – that the husband had his own wife imprisoned in their own home for months on end – unable to leave her own bedroom. But that was just the beginning of the story. (Imprisoned In Her Own Room By Her Husband) *** In the wilds of Africa it is said there is a man-like creature, human in every way aside from one – the being has no head. (Beware The Headless Blemmy) *** The most famous being the Grim Reaper, dark hooded entities seems to be relatively common in the reports of ghost-like beings. They can be intimidating, foreboding, and downright terrifying. One man’s experience didn’t stop with only one encounter – they haven’t stopped at all. (The Black Hooded Figure That Haunts Me) *** A couple have a fight, one of them leaves the home to cool off. It’s something that happens every day in every town and city. It’s simply how some couples have to work through things. But in one case, 32 years later, the woman who left to cool off has yet to return, and her family is still waiting. (The Elizabeth Campbell Mystery)

(Dark Archives episode from June 22, 2020)
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