“A DEMON MADE ME DO IT” and More Dark But True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

A DEMON MADE ME DO IT” and More Dark But True Tales! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: “The devil made me do it.” It’s an excuse that has been used so often by so many that it has lost its meaning, and its effectiveness. So only a fool or a madman would commit a horrible act and then try to blame it on the devil or a demon… unless, of course, that person truly believes that is exactly what happened to them. (A Demon Made Me Do It) *** The little Norwegian village of Bærum Verk still stands as an old foundry settlement, and is an active place, both as a place to work, and as a place to live – and as a place to keep living even after you’re dead. (The Most Haunted Village in Norway) *** When John and Eva were married they told their relatives that they planned to honeymoon on the Atlantic coast, but John had another plan, and it would not be his last deception. But it would be the first act in what ended up being a mystery that has still gone unsolved to this day. (The Lawrenceburg Shanty-Boat Mystery) *** There are more than a few stories from upright citizens around the world who claim to have seen tiny humans. I’m not talking about the diminutive human beings we used to classify as dwarves or midgets until we became more enlightened. I’m talking about short, maybe two-foot tall, perfectly proportioned people. (Big Stories About Little People) *** Weirdo family member James Pierce brings a true story that he calls, “It Came Through the Screen Door”.
(Dark Archives episode from June 24, 2020)
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“It Came Through the Screen Door” by Weirdo family member James Pierce
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