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IN THIS EPISODE: Scrying is the act of gazing into a reflective or translucent object to open your intuition. This supposedly allows the scryer to gain information they may not have access to normally inside their conscious mind. Often the object used for this is the often seen, but often misunderstood crystal ball. (Little Known Secrets Of The Crystal Ball) *** 
Five hundred years ago, Europe saw its first rhinoceros in more than a thousand years. Well, sort of. In reality, it was an accidental fake. (Dürer’s Rhinoceros) *** A physics paper proposes neither you nor the world around you are real. If that’s true, then does that mean you’re not actually listening to this podcast? (What If I Only Think I’m Real?) *** When it comes to mythical monsters, the dragon seems to have never lost its celebrity. Dragons have always been popular – not just on multi-million-dollar cable channels and blockbuster movies, but in games, posters, artwork, and tales young and old, generation over generation, in just about every culture. (Dragons and Dragon Kings) *** An extra-marital affair in 1812 resulted in a pregnancy, and a murder. And evidence of the term “sins of the father” also comes into play. (A Most Horrible Murder in Hankelow) *** From “The Beast” to “The Red Ripper” to “The Candy Man,” child murderers might be the most terrifying people to ever walk the Earth. We’ll look at a few serial killers who thought nothing of murdering the most innocent of humanity. (Killers of Children)
(Dark Archives episode from June 30, 2020)
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