“GHOSTS, GRAVITY, AND ISAAC NEWTON” and Other True Stories (PLUS BLOOPERS)! #WeirdDarkness

GHOSTS, GRAVITY, AND ISAAC NEWTON” and Other True Stories (PLUS BLOOPERS)! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: The scientist Isaac Newton is best known for his being the first to create the theory of gravity. But now we’ve learned it is very possible that would never have happened had this scientist not had a bit of sorcerer in him as well. (Ghosts, Gravity, and Isaac Newton) *** 
On Easter Sunday, 1475, in the city of Trent, a 2-year-old boy named Simon was found dead. This one act triggered a wave of anti-Semitism that wiped out a community of Jewish males and threatened the power of a pope. All from the death of one child. (History’s Most Dangerous Toddler) *** “I am innocent, that mark of mine will NEVER be wiped out. It will remain forever to shame the county for hanging an innocent man…. ” Alexander Campbell said these words on June 21, 1877 shortly before his hanging. And true to his word, the handprint he left behind refuses to fade away – no matter how hard people try to remove it. (The Reappearing Handprint) *** A century ago, in July 1920, The Illustrated Police News, ran a single story on its front page, complete with a drawing of a man lying on top of a woman, both surrounded in blood. But even more disturbing – a young boy, very much alive, and apparently watching the whole thing. (The Little Boy Who Watched His Parents Die) *** It took a while before the first woman to be hanged would take place in the USA – but in 1778 it finally happened. And her name was Bathsheba Spooner. (The Hanging of Bathsheba Spooner)
(Dark Archives episode from July 24, 2020)
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