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HOUR ONE: When it comes to finding aliens, you’re more likely to find them not by looking up – but by looking them up… on the internet. And one particular grey skinned creature got a lot of attention when he showed up on the web in 2011, a being who eventually got hung with the name “Skinny Bob”. (Skinny Bob) *** Imagine not remembering getting married – because one of your multiple personalities was in control at the time. That’s just one of the strange things one woman had to live with all her life, for she had 17 distinct personalities residing within her mind. (The Woman With 17 Personalities) *** It is often said that there is a fine line between genius and madness. It can also be argued that there is an even finer line between dashing rogue and out-of-control menace to society. And that pretty much describes a man by the name of Thomas Pitt. (The Holy Terror, Thomas Pitt) *** AND MORE!
Skinny Bob” by Brent Swancer for Mysterious Universe: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/cfk48f22 (VIDEO OF SKINNY BOB: https://weirddarkness.com/archives/10675)
The Woman With 17 Personalities” by Justin Andress for Ranker: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/2ty3astb
The Holy Terror, Thomas Pitt” from Strange Company: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/5xdu66jy
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HOUR TWO: Within the arena of Cryptozoology there are a number of stories of people having allegedly been killed by strange creatures. True? False? Legend? Hoax? We’ll look at a few of the cases. (Killed by Cryptids) *** Almost everyone is curious about what happens beyond the grave. Some are so eager to know that they try to reach the other side before they pass. But in many cases that’s a very… very… bad idea. (Scary Seance Stories) *** AND MORE!
“Killed by Cryptids” by Nick Redfern for Mysterious Universe: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/5f7nf6ar
“Scary Seance Stories” by Melissa Brinks for Graveyard Shift: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/43v9eefc
“Bowler Hat Ghost Haunts Hethro” from Unexplained-Mysteries.com: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/eyvjudvf
“The Internet is Fake” from Unexplained-Mysteries.com: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/4w26699n
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SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME: Louisville, Kentucky. Famed for the Kentucky Derby, Muhammad Ali, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and a blue quasi-humans roaming the streets. Guess which one we’ll be talkingabout. (The Blue Man of Louisville) *** AND BLOOPERS!
“The Blue Man of Louisville” from Strange Company: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/87bste29
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Speaker 1: Welcome Weirdos. I’m Darren Marler and this is Weird darkness here. You’ll find stories of the paranormal, supernatural legends, lore the strange and bizarre crime, conspiracy, mysterious McCobb unsolved and unexplained. Coming up this hour When it comes to finding aliens, you’re more likely to find them, not by looking up but by looking them up on the Internet and one particular gray skinned creature got a lot of attention when he showed up on the web in 2011. A being who eventually got hung with the name Skinny Bob. Imagine not remembering getting married because one of your multiple personalities was in control at the time. That’s just one of the strange things. One woman had to live with all her life for she had 17 distinct personalities residing within her mind. It’s often said there’s a fine line between genius and madness. It can also be argued that there is an even finer line between dashing rogue and out of control. Menace to society and that pretty much describes a man by the name of thomas pitt. If you’re new here, welcome to the show and if you’re already a member of this Weirdo family please take a moment and invite someone else to listen, recommending Weird darkness to others helps make it possible for me to keep doing the show. And while you’re listening, be sure to follow weird darkness on facebook and twitter and visit Weird Darkness dot com to find the daily Weird darkness podcast, watch streaming b horror movies and horror hosts for free 24 7. Listen to free audiobooks. I’ve narrated and send me your own true story of something paranormal that’s happened to you or somebody, you know you can find it all at weird darkness dot com now bolt your doors, lock your windows, turn off your lights and come with me into the weird darkness. One place where a lot of weird stuff has made the rounds concerning aliens and UFOs is the internet. There is a vast treasure trove of resources on these phenomena including countless videos and photos of UFOs and aliens with so many obviously faked and the veracity of these things. So in question it’s nearly impossible to separate what might be genuine from the numerous fakes and hoaxes. Yet every once in a while something comes out that really manages to make its mark. And one of these was a series of videos that appeared online claiming to show actual living breathing aliens in some sort of government program. In 2011, a very curious video started making the rounds on the internet released on Youtube by a user called Ivan 0135. The series of supposed leaked videos allegedly shows alien beings being interrogated by some government agency allegedly the KGB. In the videos, an alien that looks very much like a typical gray type entity is shown being interviewed and examined supposedly as part of some sort of diplomatic exchange. The creature is described as being from the zeta reticulated star system sent as part of an envoy to discuss matters of mutual concern. According to the videos, the aliens would be escorted by special officers and only meet with high ranking officials, although several aliens are claimed to have been present. The one most prominently featured is one with the nickname of skinny bob who would become a viral sensation with his appearance and sparked much debate within the Ufo community. The alien itself appears as a very thin, slouched over figure with an oversized bald, head slit like mouth, large eyes that seem expressive and they blink and supposedly claw like hands. Although we never really get a good look at the hands in the videos There was apparently a whole series of interviews conducted with the creature from the years between 1942 and 1969. Although only a few clips have managed to get leaked out. The most well known clip simply shows skinny bob sitting at a table apparently in a telepathic interview, after which we see footage of the alien from head to toe, showing its disproportionately long arms and freakish build after that There’s a shot of it allegedly within a pool of some sort of liquid where it would supposedly sleep. You can actually see that footage of the skinny bob gray alien in the weird news section at Weird Darkness dot com. I uploaded it there the other day for you and also place a link to it in the show notes for this episode. While these two clips are the most well known and widely available there were allegedly other clips that have since been taken down such as that of the alien spacecraft and another of an autopsy being performed on a dead specimen at the base. As soon as these clips were released there was immediate debate as to their authenticity and over just who Ivan 0135 was arguments over the video have gone both ways with some convinced it is real. While others point out that it’s obviously a hoax and much analysis being done on the footage from both sides. Was this C. G. I. Animatronics or the real deal One special effects guy by the name of Ben phillips. He offered up his own thoughts on the footage saying if skinny bob was faked he’s either an animatronic puppet or C. G. I. Or a blend of both. If it’s digital that it’s outstanding and the creator was a professional. If it’s digital then it wasn’t key frame animation but motion capture. If it was motion captured then it would need a studio set up. A studio set up means money and more people. If it was a puppet then it’s not only a stunning design but the puppeteers were top of the pile. The way he shifts his stance and looks down when he’s having his height measured is beautifully done and one of the reasons why if it is a computer generated character, it was done using motion capture and not key frame animated. I’m not saying it isn’t faked. I’m proposing that if it was then it was done by a multidisciplinary team of effects professionals. They spent a lot of time and money building physical models for extremely short clips that weren’t even the main subject matter of the video, Skinny Bob if faked, none of these involved have broken silence since May 2011 to lay claim for their work. Others are not so sure. It’s been pointed out that the frame rate seems off and there have been arguments over whether it was 16 millimeter footage or not and simply that the aliens look fake with a fake sounding camera clicking sound overlaid over at all. However, even for skeptics, the main mystery seems to be why anybody would have gone through such trouble to fake it. To begin with. It seems like it would have cost quite a lot to make these videos yet. No one has really tried to make money off of them. It’s also been suggested that it was some sort of viral marketing for a science fiction film. But if that was the case then for what film these clips were released back in 2011 yet there’s been no movie that they have been connected to and no one has admitted making them Also, no one knows who the mysterious Ivan 0135 is the person who released the videos, he has never given up his identity and has sort of dropped off the radar one. Reddit user James Esquire has given a pretty good summation of these points as follows. In terms of this being real. He says there are numerous red flags. The camera clicking sound seems to have been added on over the top of the footage. Overall, it just feels too good to be true. Now the problem is this many C. G. I. Experts and those in the movie industry have studied the footage and most agree that if fake it is the work of a studio with a big budget I would estimate especially in 2011 for a studio to produce something of this quality. You’re looking at a budget approaching $250,000. To my knowledge, the video has not been monetized nobody’s making money off of this. No studio has ever come forward to claim it. If this was a viral video for an upcoming movie, we would know about it by now, the footage was released in 2011. Again, I don’t want this to descend into a real or not argument. The mystery to me is why who made this? Who had the money to make this for seemingly no benefit or profit? Would love to hear the thoughts of people who work in the movie industry and special effects. What kind of budget are set up are we looking at to make this footage in 2011. Are there examples of homemade C. G. I. From 10 years ago? That looks as good as this. Is it even C. G. I. Is it animatronic? Again? If so who made it? The videos have been largely judged to have been a hoax. But we are still left with some mysteries who made them and why why is it that they went through so much effort to pull this off? Who was the mysterious poster of these clips? And where did he go to this day? No one has claimed responsibility for the videos which has only further caused the believers to insist that they are real folks are not the skinny bob videos made quite the waves back in their day and they’ve often been discussed right up to the present and they showed just how difficult it would be to ever get any photographic evidence that would be accepted as real. And it also demonstrates the power of the internet to spread fake videos far and wide again. You can see the skinny bob gray alien video for yourself in the weird news section at Weird Darkness dot com. Coming up. Imagine not remembering getting married because one of your multiple personalities was in control at the time. That is just one of the strange things that one woman had to live with her entire life For she had 17 distinct personalities residing within her mind. That story is up next on Weird darkness. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Welcome back to Weird darkness. I’m Darren Marler and it’s october Halloween and that means it’s time for my annual live scream every Halloween in the podcast. I do the show live on video via facebook and Youtube telling spooky stories as always. And hopefully if I can set it up, I will also have a camera so that we can see all the trick or treaters as they come to my door here at Marlow manner. It all begins at five p.m. Central Time six p.m. Eastern on Halloween Day. And it’ll go until either I run out of stories or we run out of candy for the trick or treaters whichever comes first. And this is the only day of the year that I do a live video stream in the Weird Darkness podcast. So you don’t want to miss it again. It’s Halloween Day five PM Central Time six p.m. Eastern on facebook and Youtube. I’ll get you more details. As the day draws closer. In 1989, at the age of 29, a woman known under the pseudonym of Karen over Hill went to Chicago Therapist. Dr. Richard Bear in the hopes of finding the source of her lifelong memory lapses. After an examination and several visits, the diagnosis came back over Hill had a rare mental condition, multiple personality disorder now called disassociative identity disorder or D. I. D Bear determined over hill had 17 distinct personalities in the decades since she began treatment over Hills condition has become a well known case study. Mental health professionals have maintained there was a direct correlation between childhood abuse and adult mental illness, citing the example of Over Hill Bear concluded Over Hill developed her 16 D. I. D. Altars to cope with childhood trauma, specifically the sexual assault and torture that she told DR Bear she endured in the 19 sixties, when male family members allegedly were in a cult, Bear employed hypnosis and visualization methods to help over hill reintegrate her personalities. And in 2017, he released the biography, switching time, a doctor’s harrowing story of treating a woman with 17 personalities. In 1989, when over hill first came to the practice where Dr. Richard Baer, fresh out of medical school, offered psychotherapy counseling. He did not expect the extent of her mental illness. He told Chicago magazine she had chronic pain resulting from surgery, from delivering her daughter by cesarean section. People who have chronic pain often have depression. I knew from her manner that her depression was serious and had to be dealt with before anything else with this patient, I thought she was just a depressed woman who needed medication. Obviously I was wrong. He admitted to at first feeling impatient with the new client not understanding why she seemed so unsure of herself in her life. However, he recognized character traits in Over Hill, indicating medication alone was not the answer. Bear initially believed Over Hill suffered from secondary depression as a result of chronic pain. His understanding of her circumstances changed as she began to reveal several little tidbits of things that were odd. For example, she told Bear she fainted three times during her wedding ceremony. There were also several instances in which Over Hill was unable to respond. When the doctor asked what she had done the day before, Beer was hesitant to diagnose her condition because he wanted to be sure that she had multiple personalities before moving forward. He recognized her description of dissociative episodes but could not identify the nature of the episodes until after extensive therapy. According to Over Hill, she was just one of the victims of a cult that her father and grandfather founded According to her throughout the 1960s, her father collected a variety of men, including a police officer, a teacher and a priest who actively participated in the ritual abuse of Children. Dr Bear explained to reporters how acting as a detective wasn’t the way to cure Over Hill. In his book, Bear documented a letter from Miles one of Over Hills personalities. In the letter, Miles explained how he and Elise another personality went to the rituals and kept cult and non cult things separate from Over Hill. When bear researched the claims years after Over Hills treatment, he discovered several stories that seemed to corroborate her allegations. In 1993, the courts convicted her father on 19 counts of sexual abuse, reportedly he assaulted over hill’s niece over the years Over Hill’s accounts remained reliable. He described her as completely consistent in all her memories in all the alternate personalities over 10 years. He further explained how she never gave him reason to doubt her. Bear eventually met all 16 of over hills. Alternate personalities. Throughout their therapy sessions. The personalities allegedly revealed different pieces of Karen’s frightening childhood satanic rituals, torture and rape. In one account to personality told Bear how Over Hills father and the cult took her to a funeral home after hours and placed her on an embalming table according to the altar. Her father then jabbed her in the abdomen with needles while strangers abused her. In other memories, personalities recounted several instances of torture, such as being pierced with coat hangers and fishhooks carved with knives and beaten with hammers and baseball bats will continue with this story in just a moment. Also coming up, it’s often said there’s a fine line between genius and madness. Well, it can also be argued that there is an even finer line between dashing rogue and out of place Menace to society and that pretty much describes a man by the name of thomas Pitt will have his story coming up a little bit later this hour when Weird Darkness returns during the break. Why don’t you check out the website Weird Darkness dot com where you can find weird news and more. It’s a Weird Darkness dot com. Yeah, I’m Darren Marler. Welcome back to Weird Darkness. This month we’re celebrating the sixth birthday of the Weird Darkness podcast. And every year during the month of october I dedicate the entire month to raising funds for organizations that help those who struggle with depression. It’s called Overcoming the Darkness. And at the end of this month I’ll be dividing equally between seven cups, the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression and the suicide prevention Lifeline. All funds that we collect and you can make a donation of any amount. Every gift helps to bring hope to those living in the darkness of depression. You can make a donation and also share the campaign with others. Learn more and make your donation by visiting the Hope in the Darkness page at Weird Darkness dot com. Let’s return to the story of Karen Over Hill And her 17 personalities. Once dr Bear suspected Over Hill might have multiple personalities. The pair began to investigate her disorder. At first, Over Hill was unsure, but a few months into treatment, she arrived at her weekly session to discover Bear had received a letter in the mail. Dear dr Bear, My name is Claire, I’m seven years old. I live inside Karen. I listened to you all the time. I want to talk to you, but I don’t know how Over Hill said she knew instinctively that she had written the note, even though the penmanship was utterly different from hers and appropriate for a seven year old bear. Later explained in an interview that he believed Claire reached out to him because she wanted a good positive daddy figure. At the age of 12, an elderly relative reportedly sexually abused over hill, subsequently causing the arrival of Jensen Jensen. Another of Over Hills earliest identities was an 11 year old boy who said that he fought back against the abuse and tried to bind over Hills chest flat to help her appear more masculine, Jensen was one of the personalities who sprang up to help keep Over Hills fractured mind intact while adult men allegedly abused her As she began to catalog her identities over hill initially found 10 additional personalities inside her mind. In addition to Jensen and Claire, there were two more Children. Two teen girls, Julie and Sandy, a 21 year old woman, Holden and Catherine who are both 34 and then another very angry man. It took several more years of therapy to find the remaining six personalities as they came to the surface, each one revealed strikingly different characteristics. For example, two year old Karen boo was Hungarian, Five year old Sydney pathologically stole and 13 year old Julie had asthma. The identities spanned races and ages and some were left handed. Others were right handed. Each even had their own distinct mannerisms and gait over Hills mind was so neatly divided that the other personalities couldn’t feel the physical pain that the dominant personality at the time was experiencing. Over Hill had developed these different alternate personalities or just altars to shoulder the burden of her childhood trauma. This protective behavior continued throughout adulthood, the altars worked to shield over hill from pain, but this sometimes backfired. If I had a bad headache, she said it would just go away without medication. But this caused problems too because pain is protective. Once I stayed at work till the end of the day when I needed an appendectomy, bear worked with Over Hill for years to gradually dissolve the separation between the altars. His long term plan included reintegrating the separate identities into one into Karen. Over Hill maintained the gaping holes in her memory had marred parts of her life. She explained how sometimes it would be something small, Like forgetting a chapter that she had read in a book. Other times she’d wake up in strange places according to Over Hill, she doesn’t remember marrying her husband. She also has a little memory of her life between the ages of six and 10 attributed to her childhood abuse. Even as an adult, Over Hill doesn’t remember the birth of her child reportedly she awoke after having a C section not knowing where she was or what was happening Over Hill initially described these periods as she just wasn’t there dr Bear later categorized these blackout events when the alters split her consciousness as dissociative episodes. In 1996, Dr. Bear received a memo from Holden, one of over hills altars, Holden was a 34 year old man charged with protecting the group. He had a plan which he referred to as integration. During a therapy session over hill underwent hypnosis to meet one of her alters. A 13 year old girl named Julie. During the integration process, julie stepped into Over Hill’s body, a process that triggered a painful rush of forgotten memories as well as the altars characteristics As of April 1998. Over hill has reportedly integrated her 17 personalities. Bear maintains she hasn’t been magically cured as continued therapy and healthy life changes factor into the success of her treatment. She’s not had a dissociative episode since. Yeah, right Charles reed described thomas Pitt thus, he was studious and reckless, scientific, and hare brained, tender hearted, benevolent and barbarous, unreasonably vindictive and singularly forgiving. He lived a humorous ruffian with flashes of virtue and died a hero, a martyr and a christian. Yeah, Thomas. Pitt. 2nd Baron Candleford spent his brief life maniacally swerving between both sides of that peculiar divide. Pitt was born into an exceptionally wealthy and influential cornish family on February 19, 1775. His uncle William Pitt as well as Williams Namesake son, both served terms as prime minister. However, despite his grand heritage, Pitt had a lonely, desperately unhappy childhood. His family virtually ignored him practically from his birth, Shuttling him off to various boarding schools in Britain and Switzerland, where his prestigious social position allowed him to do pretty much as he liked, with no fear of contradiction. This appalling combination of lack of parental love and absence of official discipline does much to explain why the young man grew up with a decided feral streak At a very early age. Maybe as young as six, Pitt began a naval career. Imagine that joining the Navy at the age of six, his curious gift for mayhem first emerged on the pages of history in 17 91 when he was serving on the H. M. S. Discovery. The discovery was on an important expedition bound for the Cape of Good Hope and ending at noon to sound off the coast of North America. During the voyage, Pit continually made a seagoing pest of himself. The Captain George Vancouver had him repeatedly flogged for various hair brained offenses, most notably wooing a girl in Tahiti by gifting her with iron that he had stolen from the ship. The boy’s behavior was so uncontrollable that Vancouver finally threw up his hands and placed his unruly crewman in irons. In 1793, his fellow sailors were undoubtedly relieved when Pitt’s father died, and Thomas was summoned home to assume his title and managed the family estate. Rather oddly though the new baron paid little heed to the news. He continued serving on various ships for three more years before finally making his way to London, his proud undisciplined spirit, continued to nurse a grudge against Vancouver, he sent his former captain a challenge to a duel. Vancouver, by then a prematurely old ailing man sent a dignified reply stating that he had only followed his official duties. However, Lord Candleford was free to take his complaints to a naval board of Inquiry if he wanted to Well Pit was disgusted by such a team method of writing his perceived wrongs. He went straight to Vancouver’s house and verbally attacked him so viciously that the captain was genuinely terrified. Vancouver felt he needed some sort of protection from this aristocratic maniac, but realized that pits wealth and social status, left him virtually immune from any normal legal or civil actions. Not knowing what else to do, Vancouver made an appointment with the Lord Chancellor to discuss this quandary. In the case of supremely unfortunate timing. While walking to meet the Chancellor, he was spotted by pit. The baron dashed over to the captain and began walloping him with a cane, an incident that became immortalized in a caricature drawn by pits friend James Gill Ray in a classic example of adding insult to injury. Gilroy is drawing cruelly depicted Vancouver as a sniveling coward despite his long and meritorious naval career, this one cartoon turned the poor captain into a public laughing stock. It must be said that Vancouver wound up having the last laugh though, Before he died in 1789, he completed three large journals detailing his many voyages of discovery. When published, they became a massive success ensuring that he would go down in history as one of his stations great map makers and explorers. Thanks to his rank After this fracas Pit was merely bound over to keep the peace for one year and quickly hustled back to sea. Pit showed zero signs of mellowing. In 1797, he shot to death two seamen who resisted his efforts to press them into service. He also killed a fellow officer for perceived insubordination, he horsewhipped a storekeeper for poor service. His rank continued to protect him from serious punishment, but his commanding officer quickly had more than enough of Pit and packed him back to England feeling he still had not had his share of trouble pit decidedly to singlehandedly invade France which was then at war with Britain. This escapade led to his arrest on suspicion of spying, although it was soon realized that someone this nutty could hardly be acting as an espionage agent. Pit, strangely enough, was popular in many circles. Tall, with a slim but muscular figure. The handsome blue eyed baron was often seen as a charming swashbuckler rather than an anti social menace, disliking his family’s ornate, if somewhat depressing home, he instead took up residence above a grocers. He decorated his new abode with a variety of imposing looking weaponry and gave himself up entirely to his favorite occupations boxing and feuding. In 1799, he was fined for knocking a man down a flight of stairs In January 1802, all of London put on an illumination to celebrate the recent peace with France. Every house in the city was sporting lit candles in their windows. Every house that is, except for Barone camel ferns, evidently out of sheer perversity pit flatly refused to take part in the festivities, and his residents remained stubbornly insultingly dark. An outraged crowd soon gathered around his lodgings to launch an attack on the offender. The Baron gleefully marched out to face the mob alone. It did not turn out well for him either. Despite being armed with a good stout cudgel, which he laid about him right and left, he was simply hopelessly outnumbered. The Baron found himself rolled over and over in the gutter until he finally staged a retreat for once in his life, crestfallen. Later that same year, pitt took it into his head to assassinate napoleon Before he could get very far in this particular whim, he was detained in Paris and packed back home early in 1804. This astonishingly, stormy petrel got into what would prove to be his last quarrel. He and an old friend thomas Best got into some petty argument over a courtesan, which the pair, well matched and hot headedness decided can only be settled by a duel. Best was a famed sharpshooter, but pit characteristically paid no heed to the danger at dawn on March 7th the two met in a dewy meadow in kensington cam Ilford, who fired first missed best responded with a shot that went through his adversary’s body. Three days later the Baron died from his injuries at the age of only 29. One of his last acts was to leave written instructions ordering that best not be punished for his death. It’s interesting, if ultimately pointless to wonder what would have become of pit had he made old bones? Or does it may be to believe Pitt had this good qualities? He was fearless, intelligent, generous, and possessed of a strong sense of humor, with an innate, if deranged sense of nobility, would he have carried on his feckless ways indefinitely, springing from one self made disaster to another? Or what do you have learned? Some sense of self discipline and responsibility, maturing into a wiser, if considerably duller respectability. There’s no way to know. It’s oddly cheering to note that thomas Pitt could not even die and be buried like a normal human being. His will stated that he wished to lie on the shore of Switzerland’s Lake Saint Pierre, a place he had fond memories of, from his childhood where the surrounding scenery may smile upon my remains, he has to be buried under a certain tree, where I formally passed many hours in solitude, contemplating the mutability of human affairs. Unfortunately, this surprisingly sensitive and peaceful desire was never realized his family instead buried his body in ST anne’s church in Soho where according to rumor, it promptly disappeared for years afterwards. This alleged vanishing turned him into a national punchline. What has become of Lord K. Milford’s body was the 19th century’s Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, undoubtedly. Pitt himself would have been the first to laugh at the joke. A here’s some of the weird news that made it into the Weird darkness website the past few days. You can find links to the stories by clicking on weird news at weird darkness dot com. Historic England revealed the discovery in a golf course water hazard in lincolnshire of a bronze age wooden coffin carved from a single oak tree trunk containing the remains of a man buried with an X. Maybe he was buried in the water hazard because that’s where he had his final stroke. Residents of an area in the southern Jordan valley near the Dead Sea won an explanation for pools of reddish pink water of unknown origin in sinkholes left after the dead sea retreated. I blame the kool aid guy. Oh yeah. Apple is warning. Iphone owners to be careful about attaching phones with optical image stabilization or oh I. S. Or closed loop auto focus af technology to motorcycle handlebars or chassis is because the specific vibration frequencies found in high power or high volume motorcycle engines can fry the phones in response. Robbie Knievel was quoted as saying, hold my beer scientists at the University of Manchester are creating a concrete like material made of extraterrestrial dust along with the blood, sweat and tears of astronauts that is stronger than ordinary concrete and perfect for construction work on mars and beyond. Okay, so you want me to sit in a tiny capsule for three years just to get to my destination. At which point you want to slice open my veins for blood while sitting in a sauna to sweat while watching old yeller to make me cry. How much am I getting paid for this trip again? Apple founder steve Wozniak cryptically revealed that he is starting a space junk collection company to pick up some of the dead satellites and launch vehicle rockets. Nasa and his fellow billionaires are leaving in orbit. Those tons and tons of booster rockets that fell into the earth’s oceans, that’s somebody else’s problem. The brains and cadavers of wealthy people who paid huge sums of money to be cryptographically frozen in the hopes of one day being resurrected by advanced medical technology were stolen from a facility near Moscow by the scorned ex wife of the founder probably ending their chances of being brought back to life. It all started when a wacko doctor was operating on a patient ended up getting a brain from his assistant who thought the label said Abby normal. So they needed a replacement brain And it all went downhill from there in september multiple witnesses outside the old whole general cemetery, saw a nun dancing with what appeared to be a human skeleton beside a graveyard and then petting a dog skeleton. I guess when you’re married to jesus, the safest man to go cavorting around with would be a dead one. You can find links to these stories and numerous others in the weird news section at Weird darkness dot com. Thanks for listening. If you missed any part of tonight’s show or you want to hear it again, you can subscribe to the podcast where you’ll not only hear tonight’s radio show, but also the extra sudden death overtime content that I prepared that I did not have time to fit in because well I went over time And while the radio show is one night per week, I upload episodes for the podcast seven days per week and if you’re one of my patrons, you get a commercial free copy of tonight’s show immediately after it’s over. You can become a patron and or subscribe to the podcast at weird darkness dot com. You can follow the show on facebook and twitter at Weird darkness and please tell others about the show who love the paranormal or strange stories, true crime monsters or unsolved mysteries like you do doing that helps make it possible for me to keep doing the show. If you’d like to be a part of the show, you can call in to the dark line toll free to tell your own true paranormal story or a story that’s happened to somebody. You know that number is 18772775944. Again, the toll free number is 1877277 59 44. You can also email me anytime at Darren at Weird Darkness dot com. Daryn is D A R R E N. Weird Darkness is a production and trademark of Marler House productions, copyright 2021 now that we’re coming out of the dark, I’ll leave you with a little light job 37 verse five. God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways. He does great things beyond our understanding in a final thought. I don’t regret my past, I regret the time I wasted on the wrong people. I’m Darren Marler. Thanks for joining me in the Weird darkness. Yeah, Okay, welcome Weirdos. I’m Darren Marler and this is weird darkness here. You’ll find stories of the paranormal, supernatural legends, lore, the strange and bizarre crime, conspiracy, mysterious McCobb unsolved and unexplained. Coming up this hour within the arena of cryptozoology. There are a number of stories of people having allegedly been killed by strange creatures, true false legend, hoax will look at a few of the cases, Almost everyone is curious about what happens beyond the grave. Some are so eager to know they try to reach the other side before they pass, but in many cases that is a very, very bad idea. Louisville Kentucky famed for the Kentucky Derby Muhammad ali Kentucky fried chicken, Louisville slugger baseball bats and blue quasi humans roaming the streets. 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The story title that was a hoax and was not planned as one of the stories tonight is the lizard lady of Lithuania. Mhm Can we believe the stories of people supposedly being killed by unknown creatures and monsters. Let’s take a look at some of the cases on record and we’ll begin with the matter of the loch ness. Monster ST adam knows life of Saint columba is a fascinating Gaelic chronicle of the life of Saint columba. He was 1/6 century abbot also of Ireland, who spent much of his life trying to convert the iron age picks of Christianity and who like a dominant, was an abbot of Iona. In 5 63 columbus sailed to Scotland and two years later happened to visit loch ness while traveling with a number of comrades to meet with king brood of the Picts. It turned out to be an amazing and notable experience as the life of Saint columba Book most assuredly demonstrates a dominant began his story. Thus, when the blessed man was staying for some days in the province of the picks, he found it necessary to cross the river ness and when he came to the bank there of he sees some of the inhabitants burying a poor unfortunate little fellow whom, as those who were burying him themselves reported some water monster had little before snatched at. As he was swimming and bitten with a most savage bite and whose hapless corpse, Some men who came in a boat to give assistance though too late caught hold of by putting out hooks. It should be noted that we could make a rational case. The story was simply a parable a fable. Perhaps one designed to demonstrate the power of the word of God over the domain of evil after all, Saint columba as noted, spent years trying to convert the pics to Christianity. So what better way than to suggest that God had the power to repel deadly Scottish lake monsters. On the other hand, however, it’s decidedly intriguing and curious that of all the large bodies of water in Scotland that the story could have been set in. It turned out to be none other than loch ness, which just happens to be the home of a creature of the deep Or to be totally accurate. It was the river ness and approximately 12 mile long body of water that flows out of the locks northern end. Numerous locks in Scotland have legends attached to them of what were known centuries ago as kelp. Loch ness has such legends too. Within the folklore of loch ness and much of Scotland, there are centuries old legends and myths concerning supernatural, violent shape shifting creatures known as kelp or in english water horses. It should be noted though when it comes to kelp eyes and ness is that although the creatures are assumed by some researchers to be one and the same, there is one noticeable difference between the tales that specifically refer to kelp and those that talk about water horses. Typically water horses are far more at home in deep sprawling lakes while kelp these prefer pools rivers, marshes and lakes of a particularly compact kind legend has it? The numerous people have been killed by kelp. Then there is a variant of the kelp known as the Ayahuasca, which is a far more murderous monster than the kelp, but which is clearly of the same supernatural stock and the kelp. These can take on the image of beautiful women. They’ll be the last things you’ll see when you’re dragged into the depths. How about Bigfoot being a killer of us? Over the years, such claims have been made right now. There’s no hard evidence that there was. Of course we would know all about it unless that is. You buy into the theory that the government is hiding it all away. I don’t, it’s not every day that a U. S. President makes comments and observations on what just might have been a Bigfoot. Yeah, as incredible as it might sound, President Theodore Roosevelt may have done exactly that in the pages of his 1890 book, the Wilderness Hunter he wrote, and I quote, a grizzled, weather beaten old mountain hunter named Baumann who born and had passed all of his life on the frontier. Told the story to me. Roosevelt added when the event occurred, Baumann was still a young man and was trapping with a partner among the mountains, dividing the forks of the salmon from the head of Wisdom River. Not having had much luck, he and his partner determined to go up into a particularly wild and lonely pass through which ran a small stream said to contain many beavers the past at an evil reputation because the years before a solitary hunter who had wandered into it was slain seemingly by a wild beast. The half eaten remains being afterwards found by some mining prospectors who had passed his camp only the night before, unquote something monstrous was in the area. The creature, or whatever it was, was. Soon after Baumann and his friend The two made a camp and bedded down for the night. It was a bone chilling time. Theodore Roosevelt continues. At midnight Baumann was awakened by some noise and sat up in his blankets. As he did so. His nostrils were struck by a strong wild beast odor, and he caught the loom of a great body in the darkness, at the mouth of the lean to grasping his rifle, he fired at the vague threatening shadow, but must have missed, for immediately afterwards he heard the smashing of the Underwood as the thing, whatever it was rushed off into the Impenetrable blackness of the forest and the night and the mysterious activity showed no sign of slowing down. In fact things only got worse, but you guessed that right there was more to come after this. The two men slept but little sitting up by the rekindled fire, but they heard nothing more in the morning. They started out to look at the few traps they set the previous evening, and put out new ones by an unspoken agreement. They kept together all day, and returned to camp towards evening. On nearing it, they saw hardly to their astonishment that the lean to had again been torn down. The visitor of the proceeding day had returned and in wanton malice had tossed about their camp kit and bedding and destroyed the shanty. The ground was marked up by its tracks, and on leaving the camp it had gone along to soft earth by the brook. The footprints were as plain as if on snow, and after a careful scrutiny of the trail, it certainly did seem as if whatever the thing was, it had walked off on two legs and worse was to come. Indeed, it was when the two chose to part for a while, that things turned terrible and fatal. We’ll continue with the story and Theodore Roosevelt’s account of a possible Bigfoot when Weird Darkness returns. Plus almost everybody is curious about what happens beyond the grave. Some are so eager to know that they try to reach the other side before they pass and in many cases that is a very, very bad idea. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Welcome back to Weird Darkness. I’m Darren Marler and you can stay up to date on everything. Weird Darkness. And also, at the same time, maybe win some cool prizes by signing up for the email newsletter. It’s free and every month I draw one name at random to win an extra large. Weird Darkness poster, Two coffee mugs, two magnets and two stickers. Maybe you could be my next winner. Sign up for the Weird Darkness newsletter for free at Weird Darkness dot com, and you’ll automatically be entered to win. Let’s return to President Theodore Roosevelt, telling the story about that potential Bigfoot. The footprints were as plain as if on snow, and after a careful scrutiny of the trail it certainly did seem as if whatever the thing was it had walked off on two legs, and worse was to come. Indeed, it was when the two chose to part for a while, that things turned terrible and fatal. At first Baumann, having left his friend for awhile, could see nobody, nor did he receive an answer to his call. Theodore Roosevelt continues stepping forward. He again shouted as he did so, his eye fell on the body of his friend, stretched beside the trunk of a great fallen spruce rushing towards it. The horrified trapper found that the body was still warm, but that the neck was broken. While there were four great fang marks in the throat, the footprints of the unknown beast creature printed deep in the soft soil told the whole story. The unfortunate man, having finished his packing had sat down on the spruce log with his face to the fire and his back to the dense woods to wait for his companion. While this waiting his monstrous assailant which must have been lurking in the woods, waiting for a chance to catch one of the adventurers unprepared, came silently up from behind, walking with long, noiseless steps and seemingly still on two legs, evidently unheard it reached the man and broke his neck by wrenching his neck back with its four paws while it buried its teeth in his throat. It had not eaten the body, but apparently had romped and gambled around it in uncouth, ferocious glee, occasionally rolling over and over it, and then fled back into the soundless depths of the woods, killed by a raging Bigfoot. Maybe the description didn’t seem to fit that of a bear. The mystery is unlikely ever to be resolved. And there are a few other cases of alleged killings by crypt. It’s none of them are particularly impressive. Many stories are. A friend of a friend heard about kind of cases from Puerto rico. The tales are near identical, but there were no names, no specific locations. And well, you get the point. The stories revolved around people having been slaughtered somewhere deep in the huge chunk in the late 1990s and drained of blood. The authorities supposedly covered the whole thing up, of course, an amazing story, but there was nothing in the way of proof. Not even a bit so in light of everything that we’ve heard here. What can we say? For sure? Well, we can’t say anything for sure. All we have are rumors legends and folklore and we should probably stress that does not mean people have not, or have not been killed by crypto, but we do need a bit more evidence than we have now. If we’re going to make a solid case that people have been killed by christians. If something paranormal has happened to you, you can call the dark line toll free at 18772775944. We got a call just the other day. Uh,
Speaker 2: this is David from Sarasota florida where my grandma lived and where I grew up basically from when I was seven to like 21 there’s a house behind her is that me and my mom and my aunt lived in for probably two weeks. And the reason I say two weeks is because that house was in fact super haunted. I was pretty young. Um, I don’t remember everything that happened, but the story is that my mom told me and people that were living there told me uh I would always, I sleep in the back room and I would always put my toys, my mom before we would go anywhere would tell me I pick everything up, put them in the bin, I would do so she would watch me do so and then we go to leave, she go check the house, go check my and then boom all my toys scattered on the floor every single time I would pick them all up and then I’d get yelled at about not putting them away and I would tell her, I put all my toys away and you know like for a giant toy box to basically have every single toy out of it even though I didn’t even have every toy out of it when I was playing with the toys, it scared me a little bit but I was a kid, I was just like I don’t know what my toys are doing there, I don’t know. And so my mom would just help me clean it up, we believe will be back on the floor. I would get yelled at a little bit by it but she wouldn’t know what did it or if I was doing it and my mom has had some really scary things happen to her when she was younger with the Ouija board and all types of things. And so anyways we’re in this house I guess the reason why we moved out is because my mom kept hearing her name being called like as if my two brothers which are just about one of my brothers, 10 years older than the other ones like a she would hear them like calling her name all the time in different rooms and they would not be there. And the last time she was in the shower and she heard my brother Jason calling for help like mom help me come here please come here, help me help me help me please mom. Crystal Crystal. And he kept calling her by her by her name. Actually Crystal, she said instead of mom but it sounded just like my brother. So she hurried up, got out the shower went and looked at every single room was yelling for my brother’s name. My brother wasn’t there. She called my brother. Where are you? I’m at, I’m at my friend’s house blah blah in the neighborhood. Why what’s wrong? We did, we left that house after that happened to my mom and she didn’t tell me that story until I was a little bit older. My mom believed that there was something more than just a spirit there for it to be calling her name and sounding like my brother so vividly where she got so scared where she brushed out of the shower soaking wet looking for my brother thinking he’s like dying. Yeah that scared her half to death and we, we’ve got to the house and as a kid I would see other people move in, there’s some older people and asking, hey anything going on weird around the house. And every time I would ask the old guy he would look at me with this mean face and then go inside right after every single time we jump on the trampoline and ask him, hey I used to live there anything weird and every time he would see us, he would just ignore us with a mean face and go back inside been through a lot of crazy paranormal stuff but I don’t think any demons or ghosts even want to mess with this guy right here
Speaker 1: blaming your messy room on ghosts. I might have to try that the next time Robin yells at me from my office looking like a tornado hit it. Thanks for the story. David. I hope you’re treating your mom right Because well after that, I can imagine she’s a pretty fragile person. If you have a true paranormal or creepy story to share of your own. Well, you can do what David and sarah. So to florida, did you can call the dark line toll free at 18772775944. That’s 1877277 5944. Yeah. Yeah. Welcome back to weird darkness. I’m Darren Marler and it’s october Halloween and that means on my podcast, it’s time for my annual live scream every Halloween on the podcast. I do a live video on facebook and Youtube telling spooky stories just like I do here, but live on video. And hopefully if I can set it up, I’ll also have a camera where we can see the trick or treaters as they come to visit my door here at Marlow manner. It all begins at five p.m. Central Time six p.m. Eastern on Halloween day and goes until I either run out of stories or we run out of candy for trick or treaters, whichever comes first. It’s the only day of the year that I do a live video stream of weird darkness on the podcast, so you don’t want to miss it. Alright, It’s Halloween Day five PM Central six p.m. Eastern and it takes place live on facebook and Youtube. I’ll have more details as the day gets closer, you can also find out more at weird darkness dot com. Seances are a means of trying to communicate with spirits who have passed these ceremonies led by a medium or other spiritual guide claim to connect people with ghosts or other entities to learn about their unfinished business there, life after or how to go on without them. Sometimes they’re conducted through a spirit board or other means of communication while others are simply done by a spiritually sensitive person inviting a spirit to overtake their bodies. Seances have a long history in cultures around the world. However, not every attempt at communication with the afterlife goes as planned. Even experienced mediums may run into an unpleasant spirit from time to time and those who have no experience whatsoever may find themselves overwhelmed by a strong willed entity with an inclination to do harm. These allegedly true stories from seances suggest that communication with those who have passed is not always in our best interest from accidentally unleashing a demon on your girlfriend to cursing your band’s next album, dabbling too heavily in spirit. Communication can have dire consequences. These since stories will make you think twice about lighting a few candles and bringing out that dusty old Ouija board from your closet. If you’ve seen the Conjuring, you have a little bit of an idea of what happened in the life of Andrea Perron. But the film didn’t tell the whole story. In 1971, parent and her family moved to a house in Harris Ville Rhode Island. They soon discovered the house was filled with spirits who had not yet passed on due to continuous unexplained phenomena happening, scared for their lives. The parent family called upon paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren for help. They promised to try and help the family get the spirits out. When a medium performed a seance, it went dreadfully wrong. She summoned a spirit that went after parents, Mother Carolyn throwing her around the house with such force that she sustained a concussion. Parents said it was the most terrifying night of my life after the, since the family no longer experienced severe supernatural events. Andrea Perron has written three books about the hauntings experienced by her family in their Harris ville home. In 1941, Psychic, Helen Duncan was approached by a mother looking for news of her son, a soldier in the British Royal Navy Duncan held a seance to conjure up any spirits with news of the man, she revealed that the young man had been lost in the sinking of the battleship H. M. S. Barham remarkably. The ship’s sinking. Hadn’t yet been revealed to the public to prevent the loss of morale in the difficult days of World War Two. Among the people at the Seance were two lieutenants of the Navy. They were immediately suspicious of Duncan, prompting two undercover police officers to attend another since the officers promptly detained her. And Duncan was tried under section four of the Witchcraft Act of 17 35. Keep in mind this is taking place in 1941, but the Witchcraft Act of 1735 forbade deceitful spiritual activity. She was the last person to be tried for Witchcraft under that act before its repeal in 1951. Individual stories of spirit contact are creepy enough. But even more eerie is the number of people who claim to have contacted an entity named Zozo. The spirit is more known for having intimate knowledge of people’s lives and for its ability to manipulate people and objects to cause harm. The entity’s origins are murky, but people around the world claim to have interacted with it during seances while using spirit boards or while practicing auto writing. Sometimes Zozo is a mere trickster. While other times it is reportedly possessed people and caused harm. The entity is a special interest to paranormal researcher, Darren Evans whose website and blog have become a hub for reports of Zozo activity. Whatever the cause of a spirit identifies itself as Zozo, it might be best to slide that planchet over to goodbye experimental rock group, The mars Volta almost canceled an entire album because of a supposedly cursed spirit board. After guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez picked up a Ouija board in Jerusalem and the band used it. They started experiencing strange happenings, including tracks disappearing from the computer to floods in the studio, equipment being ruined and a valued engineer quitting true to form the band channeled the strange events into their album, The Bedlam In Goliath, released in 2008, Rodriguez Lopez buried the board to avoid any future incidents, and the band released two more albums before breaking up in 2013, Bradford J. Anders, a magic store employee and psychology student, got more than he bargained for when a customer paid him $100 to perform a fake since, complete with sounds and visuals. With the aid of a partner. Andrews set out to create an entirely fabricated since that appeared real. Andrews pulled it off without a hitch With disembodied voices speaking predictions about the attendees loved ones from a mist that formed in the center of the table. But once it was over, Andrews went to help his partner disconnect the equipment. They used to produce the special effects only to find that his partner and the equipment have been locked outside the entire time. Whatever happened during the seance had nothing to do with their plans. Yeah, Some weeks aboard experiments are fun ways to spend a harmless saturday night, but others can be downright eerie One, Reddit user described an experience on an army base when dabbling with a Ouija board and it led her and a group of friends to contact a spirit named Cheryl. The spirit said that she perished in a car accident and was searching for her boyfriend. After continuing to use the board, they managed to get in touch with the boyfriend who said that he was sorry and he loved her very much, but he couldn’t explain why he was sorry. The group contacted a third spirit who said the reason the boyfriend was sorry was because he was in hell and the girlfriend was in heaven at that moment all of the candles in the room flickered out, growing up in a creepy, seemingly haunted room could force anybody to take drastic measures for this unidentified man growing up in michigan, he knew his room had a bad vibe when he allowed to occult dabbling friends to hold a seance to find out the cause of his eerie visions and unexplained voices. Things went from bad to worse. The seance backfired. His girlfriend started angrily shouting for the friends to leave after they left, the man found her trapped in the room unable to move. Once he pushed a dresser out of the way to gain access. He tried to pick her up but found that she was heavier than normal. Once he got her out, they escaped to the home of his friends where she revealed that she felt like she had been possessed. The friends returned to his home to try and rid his room of the evil entity. They ended up contacting a demon named Enloe who told them that it had been using the bedroom as a gateway and the seance had enabled him to escape. Along with a host of other terrifying spirits. The friends managed to close the gateway and rid the room of spirits and from then on the room seemed to be normal. While you can’t trust everything a Ouija board tells you one Reddit user discovered that there might be more truth to a prediction than meets the eye. According to the post, the editor asked the Spirit they connected with to make a prediction about a future news event to which the spirit replied. Di I di di I di di I di di I di and then Princess Di when asked how this would happen, It responded car accident. When asked where this would happen. It gave the answer paris when asked when it replied Ohio, the editor ended up going to Ohio, but nothing happened. So the spirits message was dismissed as irrelevant. A month later, the Red Iter went on another trip to Ohio. During that trip, Princess Diana of Wales lost her life in a tragic car accident in paris. Sometimes you don’t realize you’ve experienced something inexplicable until after it’s over. As this other Reddit user found out when dabbling with a Ouija board on New Year’s Eve, a spirit identifying itself as Eugene said that it was afraid it directed the poster and their brother to the radio, which was playing a song by the band Heart. The board then began repeating the word heart, Heart heart. Following it up with cryptic statements like don’t go and church. It wasn’t until the next morning that the encounter finally made sense. A distant great uncle named Eugene had suffered a heart attack overnight And after passing on the hospital table several times and then being revived and then regaining consciousness. He said that he was terrified that he would end up in hell for not attending church in 20 years, just like the Ouija board was indicating improving the existence of the supernatural to a skeptic is often futile, but that did not dissuade Cindy Lawson’s mom from trying to make her friend Ricky a believer. Lawson’s mother was part of a singing group and the troop wanted to prove to Ricky a nonbeliever that spirits were real. They held a seance and asked for a series of escalating signs, including slamming doors, strange smells and knocking sounds the night culminated with a visit from a spirit identified as Lorenzo de medici, a famous patron of the arts in renaissance. Italy who predicted the skeptical Ricky would soon suffer an accident during his act as a trick cyclist though, Ricky laughed at the prediction, he did in fact suffer a significant mishap. Several weeks later, perhaps prompting him to reassess his skepticism about the supernatural realm. Thanks coming up Louisville Kentucky famed for the Kentucky Derby Muhammad, ali Kentucky fried chicken, Louisville slugger baseball bats and a blue quasi human roaming the streets. Guess which one we’ll be talking about when we’re darkness returns. Mhm Yeah, Okay, it’s Halloween and that means it’s time for my annual live scream. Every Halloween. I do the show live on video via facebook and Youtube telling spooky stories as always. And hopefully if I can set it up, I’ll also have a camera so we can see the trick or treaters as they come to my door here at Marlow manner during the show. It all begins at five p.m. Central time on Halloween night and it goes until I well until I run out of stories or we run out of candy for the trick or treaters, whichever comes first. It’s the only day of the year that I do a live video stream on Weird darkness. So don’t miss it again. It’s Halloween Day five p.m. Central time on facebook and Youtube. It’s the Halloween live screen on Weird Darkness. I’m Darren Marler Welcome back to Weird Darkness This month, we’re darkness celebrates its 6th birthday as a podcast and every year we dedicate this entire month of October to raising funds for organizations that help those who struggle with depression. It’s called Overcoming the Darkness and at the end of the month, I divide equally between three different organizations that do help people with depression and you can make a donation of any amount. Every gift helps to bring hope to those who are living in the darkness of depression. You can make a donation and share the campaign with others. I’d really appreciate that If you’d like to learn a little bit more, you can go to the Hope in the Darkness page at weird darkness dot com. I took a look at the clock. I unfortunately am running out of time. I don’t think I’ll have enough time to talk about this blue quasi human story. It’s the blue man of Louisville, but I will put it in the sudden death overtime of today’s show, which I’ll put into the podcast immediately after the show. So you will be able to hear that story if you are subscribed to the podcast or if you are a patron of the show, But we do have a little bit of time left in the show. Not enough for that story, but let me grab a couple of short stories here for you. One of the world’s busiest airports. London’s Heathrow get originated all the way back in 1929. Well, it typically sees about 200,000 passengers passing through its gates on a daily basis. Well, unsurprisingly then It has become home to a few of its own ghost stories over the years. One of these concerns the victim of a fatal plane crash that occurred one foggy night back in 1948, a Douglas D3 plane which had been attempting to land despite the bad weather conditions crashed and caught fire, killing 19 people. Well, doctors, nurses, traffic girls, fire tenders and ambulances. They all rushed to the scene with first aid and bandages but could do little good in that raging heat. Well, things took a rather peculiar turn when a mysterious man showed up on the scene to ask if anybody had seen his briefcase. When firefighters eventually located the victims of the crash and the wreckage, they discovered that one of the deceased looked exactly like the man who was asking for his briefcase. And since then that same man who is typically seen wearing a dark suit and a bowler hat has made several appearances in and around the vicinity of the airport. On one occasion, the radar office picked up an unidentified individual on one of the runways When officers went out to investigate. There was nobody there. There was a ghost wearing a bowler hat and to this day, no explanation for the sightings of the mysterious man has ever been found. And here’s a crazy one. This one could easily have ended up in the weird news. Um, A growing number of people seem to believe that the real internet went offline several years ago and the internet that we’re using now is fake. Yeah, we’ve seen more than our fair share of out there, conspiracy theories over the years, especially here on Weird darkness, ideas and concepts ranging from the potentially feasible to just the downright absurd. Well this one it suggests that the internet that we use on a daily basis, it was actually a fake one created by an artificial intelligence. This one definitely fits into the downright absurd category. There seems to be a few different versions of this conspiracy doing the rounds. But what they all have in common is the idea that the original quote unquote real internet went down several years ago. Um perfect timing for me to define this right after the facebook thing the other day known as Dead Internet theory. The concept implies that the internet was taken down by an artificial intelligence and that all the user generated content that you see online today has also been created by that same ai to put forward the appearance of a large number of users. Some believe that the government is secretly behind all of this with a group of highly paid influencers helping to perpetuate the illusion that the internet is still buzzing with activity. The entire thing is nonsense of course. But such conspiracy theories provide an intriguing glimpse into how the human mind works as well as how such bizarre ideas actually get started. Now. Whether this particular conspiracy is likely to stick around remains to be seen. I don’t believe it. But then again, I would probably qualify as one of those influencers so you probably can’t believe what I’m telling you. Anyway, thanks for listening. If you missed any part of tonight’s show or you want to hear it again, you can subscribe to the podcast where you’ll hear not only tonight’s radio show, but also the extra sudden death overtime content that I prepared that I didn’t have time to fit in because I went over time and while the radio show is one night per week, I upload episodes for the podcast seven days per week. And if you’re one of my patrons, you can get a commercial free copy of tonight’s show immediately after it’s over, you can become a patron and or subscribe to the podcast at Weird darkness dot com. You can follow the show on facebook and twitter at weird darkness and please tell others about the show who love the paranormal or strange stories, true crime monsters or unsolved mysteries like you do doing that helps make it possible for me to keep doing the show. 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Yeah, the Weird Darkness radio shows The saga of Louisville’s most unusual tourist was first covered in the Courier Journal on January 17, 1921. Although sightings of the entity which became known as the Blue man had been taken place for some time In the newspaper’s front page story on the Mystery one. Reese Carell told a reporter of his encounter with a stranger. I’ve only been knocked down once in my life and it did it. It’s been around here every night for the last two weeks once and after, I don’t know but one night last week when I came home at about 11:00 I saw somebody standing on our front step. I thought it was my father and I walked right up to him looking for the blue man pop. I asked him just then he hit me in the chest. I was knocked against the fence. When I got up it was gone. Carell described the blue man as extremely tall, and, yes, with the face of a pleasing indigo hue. The following day, the Courier journal reported on Mrs Earl Shrapnels encounter with the being on the previous thursday evening, she said she was sitting where she could see into her kitchen when she heard the shutter of one of the windows rustling, after which a hand was thrust through a broken pane in the window. The hand caught hold of the curtain and pulled it back, said Mrs shrapnel, but when I screamed it was withdrawn quickly, and I heard the sound of someone running out of the alley and down the street in the direction of Kentucky Street. In contrast to Carol’s description, Mrs Shuttle said the hand was large and white, one that was impossible to belong to any blue man. A man named Virgil. Hobbes claimed to have seen the figure wandering the streets on several occasions. The first time he spotted the blue man, a neighbor named walter Fogel took a shot at it as he shot, said Hobbs, I saw a tall figure wearing a black overcoat and a black soft hat climb over the coal shed at the rear of the Fogel yard and disappear into the night Homs added five minutes later, when a crowd had gathered in front of the house, I saw a man who, as I remember looks suspiciously like the figure. I just seem to disappear, walking leisurely down Eighth Street. The man stopped and inquired about the excitement, and when told by one of those standing by, laughed and passed on on the three other occasions that the intruder was scared off. The stranger passed by, and each time the man, who was white and weighed about £180 wore the same black overcoat and black hat Bob’s marveled that the man had so far eluded capture. As on the second night of his appearance, the Fogel House was surrounded by 15 patrolmen, five detectives and two members of the military force, adding to the strangeness of the whole business, is that no one had any idea what the blue man was trying to accomplish Louisville residents could only speculate that he or it had iron nerve, no brains or an irresistible desire to obtain possession of a thing or things unknown. On January 19, a nightly hunt for the Blue Man took an unexpected turn. Two detectives, standing guard at 8th and Kentucky streets saw a man named Stuart Graven walking by carrying a suitcase in the Bundle. Their suspicions aroused the policeman followed grave into his home after he had entered the detectives knocked on the door and politely forced their way inside. The residents, they reported looked like a store room full of expensive goods of all kinds. When questioned Braven confessed to stealing a large quantity of items from the american railway Express company. He said his only motive for the thefts was that he was out of work and could not let his wife and small child starve. He was charged with grand larceny and two charges of stealing from a common carrier. There was speculation that grieving was also the elusive blue man, a theory which made the prisoner laugh me the blue man. He told reporters I wish I was if I was. I wouldn’t be in here right now. Despite this sad distraction, the blue man continued his rounds one night. mrs Emma Perkins heard whisperings outside her home, she investigated but saw nothing. The following night she saw someone peeping into her window. However, by the time she opened the door no one was to be seen. Several days later on January 20 someone raised a window in the apartment of Stuart Friend who boarded with mrs Perkins grabbing his revolver. He ran to the window and shot at a figure standing just a few feet away. He saw it fall against the fence. Mrs Perkins ran out with her gun and also fired at the intruder. Both were positive they had pumped it full of lead. Eerily enough. However, when the area was inspected, all that was found was a few bullet holes in the fence, no blood or any other traces of the blue man was found the following night. Mr Blue took to letter writing. Around 9:30 p.m. One henriette cell, heard a light knocking on his door. This was strange as the gate in front of his home always creaked when opened and he had not heard it do so. He had also not heard any footsteps in the adjoining alleyway When he opened the door. No one was there, assuming his ears had simply played tricks on him. Edsel went back to his newspaper. A couple of minutes later he heard more knocks louder than before. He dashed to the front door and threw it open. He still saw no one, there was nothing for him to do but to return to reading but he stayed wary. Then someone or something kicked the door several times. Edsel was able to open it before the noise ceased but he still failed to see anyone. All he found outside his door was a note reading. I will call again. Don’t be afraid your friend the blue man until we meet again on the night of the 22nd Mrs L. I dilly heard somebody trying to force open her apartment door. She ran to her neighbor. Mrs G. S Spalding to sound the alarm. Mrs Dilley then went out the side door and to the back of their residence. She saw a man jump over the back fence when police were summoned they could find nothing, not even a footprint in the soft ground. 15 minutes after the policeman left, mrs Dilley who was back in bed trying to go back to sleep, heard footsteps again. She heard someone turning her door knob and pressing against the door. The intruder gave up on the door and retreated. A moment later Mrs Dilley saw a shadow on her window and then a face was pressed against the glass. Mrs Dilley grabbed her gun and ran outside, seeing a figure fleeing into the night. She shot at it. Once again the prowler managed to escape for the second time that night. The police fruitlessly searched the vicinity for footprints. Immediately after Mrs Dilley retired to bed she had to call the police for a third time. She told the policeman that as she was drawing the covers about her she heard a faint noise. She clutched her gun, waiting for whatever might happen next The shadowy face returned to her window. She and mrs Spalding ran to the side yard and mrs Dilley again fired at the prowler. This time she heard a moan of oh she got the blue man at last. However, when the police arrived they once again found not one thing, no footprints, no blood. If the blue man was not a ghost. It did a very fine imitation of one. Early on the morning of January 23 mrs J. G. Crider was awakened by her telephone ringing when she answered she heard a strange husky voice saying, The blue man last seen eighth and walnut. Then the caller hung up. Police as usual, found no clues to this latest bit of blue man eccentricity. On the night of the 29th the blue man entertained himself by ringing doorbells. At nine p.m. Mr. And mrs E. O. Marshawn phoned police complaining of hearing three different kinds of strange noises around their house. First the bell was rung several times, that was followed by noises like snow sliding off the roof. Only it wasn’t Then Sir Stanley seriously reported that her doorbell has been ringing almost continuously from Dusk to 11 p.m. It was, she said indignantly. The third night in a row she had been pestered with incessant ringing, although she stood watch from her window. She saw or heard no one just the ringing the police. The courier journal side passed a restless evening by early february, it seemed that the blue man had acquired a distaff sidekick. Several female residents of the Richter apartments at 4th and Oak Street reported being frightened by the appearance of someone wearing a blue coat suit in a large black hat. This person would knock on doors asking for a glass of water in a manner. The women found very unnerving, although the visitor was wearing female clothing, the large physique made the alarmed residents believe it was probably a man later that month. Newspapers reported that a member of the Fogel family bedridden by illness was being pestered every night by a face, blue and terrible, pressed against the pain of his window. It has been shot at and the bullets struck thin air when the image appeared. Members of the family run to the outside, but never have seen anything more than darkness. When the family consulted a fortune teller, she told them that when the thing got what it wanted it would go away, but what did it want? She couldn’t say, Reese. Carroll’s name returned to public print. He told reporters that the blue man had been hanging around his home for days. One night had even crept into the corral home and stole a pair of trousers. Reese shot at the intruder several different times, with the usual failure, doubting the efficacy of his son’s aim. Reese’s father tried shooting at the stranger. I never missed a rabbit or a bird in my life. Mr Carroll complained, but the shots went right through him. When asked if he thought the intruder was a ghost carol. Senior retorted, Ghost! What would a ghost want with my pants? One night a patrolman fired no less than seven shots at close range without causing the slightest effect on the blue man, as they say, all good things come to an end. Such was the case with the blue man, whether he feared being caught at last, or simply got bored with his capers by the end of March. The story disappeared from the newspapers. The blue man was evidently never captured, and the motive, if there ever was one behind his activities remained a mystery. Saint Agnan vita colombe in english life of ST dominance. Life of ST Columbia is a fascinating Gaelic chronicle of the life of saint columba ST madonnas in Saint Dominic’s life of Saint columba in a fascinating ST a dumbness, ST a dumbness. Life of ST I’m never gonna get through this one line ST Adam knows life of Saint columba is a fascinating Gaelic chronicle of the life of Saint columba. She was the last person to be tried for Witchcraft under that act until it was repealed in 19. She was the last person to be tried for witchcraft under that act. And then it was, she was the last person to be tried for witchcraft under that act. And then it was the Weird darkness radio shows. Yes,


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