“THE HUMPTY-DOO POLTERGEIST” and More True Tales and Urban Legends! #WeirdDarkness

THE HUMPTY-DOO POLTERGEIST” and More True Tales and Urban Legends! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: You may think that a ghost referred to as ‘Humpty Doo’ might be fun-loving and perhaps even a little goofy. However, Humpty Doo is an Australian slang term that means everything is being turned upside down…and, fittingly, it is also the name of the town where some bizarre poltergeist events took place. (The Humpty-Doo Poltergeist) *** 
We are all familiar with humans’ desire to fly. There are many legends about flying horses in various parts of the world, and they all have common characteristics that make them difficult to dismiss as only aviation dreams of the ancient people. Do some myths and legends reveal ancient people had sufficient technical knowledge to produce sophisticated flying machines? (Ancient Mechanical Flying Horses) *** A man in China claims to have been abducted by aliens not just once… not just twice… but three times. But will you believe his story after hearing the details? (Flying on an Alien’s Back) *** There’s an odd grave marker at Riverside Cemetery in Wahpeton, North Dakota – and an odd story that goes along with it. I’ll tell you about the strange obelisk draped in rope and chains. (The Wahpeton Circus Grave) *** Those who walk along the wooded Hinds Road in Gadsden, Alabama should be wary, for there is a legend that residing there is a witch who sold her soul to the devil. (The Gadsden Witch of Alabama)
(Dark Archives episode from August 14, 2020)
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