“THE NECROPOLIS RAILWAY” and Other True, Creepy Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE NECROPOLIS RAILWAY” and Other True, Creepy Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: Deep in the bowels of London is a railway built to serve not the living citizens of the city above… but of the dead below. (Railway of the Dead) *** 
Sometimes they are kind towards humans, even assisting them if in distress, or giving gifts. But some consider them lustful and evil, and still others claim they are the risen dead of brutally killed women. And there are reports of them being seen even today. We’ll look at the history and lore of mermaids. (Mythical Mermaids) *** For years, Country singer Johnny Horton told friends of a premonition he couldn’t shake. A premonition of his own death. Not just THAT he would be killed… but HOW. And he was eerily accurate. And that wasn’t the end of his tragic story. (The Last Ride of Johnny Horton) *** Camping can be an amazing experience, especially when with friends or family. But even surrounded by those you love, when it gets dark, the wilderness gets creepy. Was that just an animal in the woods you heard, or something more? Was that blur you just saw a trick of the light or is there really something circling your campsite? I’ll share some true stories of campers who experienced much more than what they bargained for. (Camping With Ghosts and Monsters)
(Dark Archives episode from August 19, 2020)
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