The Phantom Jaywalker

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A strange night-time happening in Leicestershire, England. A woman is travelling home and thinks she hit a man who stepped out in the road… a traffic accident. Simple enough? Well think again…

This actually happened to a member of my family. She was driving home one night, and a “man” stepped out in front of her car. She pulled over, jumped out of her car and started looking for the man. She couldn’t see him. She went to the nearest house and called the police and they told her they’d attend when they could. Keep in mind this was in the early 90’s so there were more police about back then. Anyway, the police eventually show up and look around for this “man” she supposedly hit. They couldn’t find a trace of him. They tried looking in the hedges and, in the ditch, but they couldn’t find him. She was too shaken up to drive, so her husband came out to fetch her and left the car there.

The following more the husband drove her back and she got back in her car. She was fine. She went back to her normal life. A few weeks later she was driving down that same road and the same thing happened. A ‘man’ walked in front of her car. She said she could definitely see the outline of his body. This time she didn’t stop. She went straight home.

She wouldn’t travel that road after that.

Rodney Kennedy,



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