About #HalloweenLiveScream 2022 Last Night…

A huge thanks to EVERYBODY who tuned in last night for the annual HALLOWEEN LIVE SCREAM!  You made it fun for me once again, and I keep thinking I want to do this kind of thing more often, “Because I have SO much spare time in my schedule,” he said sarcastically.

As with every year, we had technical issues; it has become part of the annual tradition!  First, we had difficulty keeping a wi-fi signal connection to my Ring doorbell, so the trick-or-treat video would disappear often and I’d need to constantly reconnect it.  But the biggest issue was the LIVE SCREAM stream itself simply stopping during music videos – at least on YouTube and Facebook.  This is apparently due to copyrights and while sharing revenue with the artists is what typically happens when you post a video, I guess live-stream events are treated differently.  So for future live streams I simply won’t use material unless I either own the copyright myself or am paying for licensing.  If you want to watch the video from last night, I’ve created an edited version of it so you don’t have to sit through the blackout areas.  Click here to watch it: https://weirddarkness.com/archives/13645

Our Overcoming the Darkness campaign also concluded last night – and we exceeded our $5K goal by bringing in a total of $5,249.  Plus the painting auction brought in another $400 – so I’ll be splitting up $5,649 three ways so that the Suicide & Crisis Hotline, 7Cups, and the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression will each receive $1,883. Thanks to EVERYBODY who gave this year – your generosity is greatly appreciated!!!!!

Well, I’m exhausted.  October is over and while I’m sad to see it go, it also means my busiest month is also over which is kind of a nice feeling at the moment.  Today (November 1st) is my birthday, and I’m planning on sleeping in late.  That’ll be the best birthday present I can think of after such a long but exciting October!


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