“REAL STORIES OF SLAYING SANTAS” and More Terrifying True #HolidayHorrors! #WeirdDarkness

REAL STORIES OF SLAYING SANTAS” and More Terrifying True #HolidayHorrors! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: A Christmas party turns tragic when a young bride suggests a game of hide-and-seek… then disappears for fifty years. (The Bramshill Bride) *** When you hear someone mention the headless horseman it’s almost impossible not to think of the New England story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – a classic Halloween tale if there ever was one. But then there is the Christmas tale of another headless horseman as well – this one in Old England – and he makes an appearance each Christmas at Wycoller Hall. (The Headless Horseman of Wycoller Hall) *** A husband invites his wife into the room and asks her to closer her eyes for a Christmas surprise. The surprise is that she will never open her eyes ever again. (A Killer Who Thinks He Is Interesting) *** A mother is terrified when her daughter tells of a young girl who wants to play with her – but she also appears to be dead. (Ghostly Warnings) *** A Redditor tells a frightening story that took place one Christmas while visiting his grandmother’s home. (I’ll Never Visit Grandma For Christmas Again) *** To disguise oneself as the ever-generous Kris Kringle only to take life away from the innocent is simply unforgivable. Still, somehow, murders committed by people dressed up as Santa just keep happening. (Real Stories of Slaying Santas)
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