“A LIVING DEAD YULE HAUNTING” and More True Christmastime Tales! #WeirdDarkness #HolidayHorrors

A LIVING DEAD YULE HAUNTING” and More True Christmastime Tales! #WeirdDarkness #HolidayHorrors

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IN THIS EPISODE: Despite being in the middle of the first World War, on Christmas Day, 1914 British and German soldiers sang carols together, exchanged gifts with the enemy combatants, and supposedly even played a soccer game against each other in order to celebrate the holiday. (The Great War’s Christmas Truce) *** The case was so mysterious it was even featured on TV’s “Unsolved Mysteries” and “America’s Most Wanted”: who committed the Christmas murder of Latricia White? And what happened to Lee and Chance Wackerhagen? (An Unsolved Christmas Murder Mystery) *** We’re so used to seeing old St. Nick showing up with a big bag of toys for the kiddies – but what if he arrived with another bag full of switches for your parents to use the whole year through if you were on his naughty list? We’ll look back at when Santa wasn’t purely jolly and jovial, and when he arrived to dole out both presents and punishment! (Santa’s Naughty List) *** The Los Feliz murder mansion became the site of a horrifying and sad Christmas tragedy for one California family. (Christmas At The Los Feliz Murder Mansion) *** A haunting holiday mystery took place in England in 1916 when a young bride simply disappeared without a trace. (The Vanishing Christmas Bride) *** A man tries to take on supernatural forces – and ends up as an undead creature who appears as a terrifying Yuletide spirit. (A Living Dead Yule Haunting)
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