“BEWARE THE BODACH AT CHRISTMAS” and More Scary True Yule Tales! #WeirdDarkness #HolidayHorrors

BEWARE THE BODACH AT CHRISTMAS” and More Scary True Yule Tales! #WeirdDarkness #HolidayHorrors

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IN THIS EPISODE: Earlier this month I shared some true reports of people seeing Kris Kringle – or what appeared to be Kris Kringle – in real life. But there are many more of those strange sightings to share! (More Real Santa Sightings) *** Christmas has been celebrated for centuries, and gift-giving has been around in America since well before the Civil War. But how we celebrate and what we give changes depending on the time. We’ll take a look at what Christmas was like for American pioneers in the 1800s. (Christmas in The Old West) *** At a Christmas party the revelers heard a horrifying scream from outside. They rushed out to hear the screams were coming from the sky, at least above the rooftops. But how could that be? It was then that they learned Oliver Lerch had disappeared – never to be seen again. (The Christmas Disappearance of Oliver Lerch) *** Nothing says Christmas like a poisonous weed! Well… you explain mistletoe! We’ll look at why we’re supposed to kiss under this deadly plant during the holidays. (A Kiss Under the Mistletoe) *** A horrible fire breaks out at an Oklahoma school during the holidays of 1924 – and the ghosts of the children still linger at the site. (Ghosts of the Babbs Switch School Christmas Fire) *** You might be celebrating Christmas like a viking and not even realize it. From the holiday ham to the evergreen in your living room, we’ll look at how the pagan celebration of Yule influenced modern Christmas traditions. (How To Celebrate Christmas Like a Viking) *** Kids in America anxiously await the arrival of Santa Claus bounding down the chimney with gifts and candy for the good little boys and girls. But that’s America. What comes down the chimney of Irish and Scottish kids may not be so jolly, plump, and loving. Some Gaelic children have to watch out for the Bodach. (Beware the Bodach at Christmas) *** It’s something we’re trying to revive here on Weird Darkness… the lost tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas. (The Lost Tradition of Telling Ghost Stories)
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