Footage Of Alien Walking Inside UFO

(Originally posted at Alien UFO Sightings)

The Daily Star reports: Believer, Brett, likened it to something from famous alien movie Close Encounters, before claiming there is no CGI at play.

“It didn’t even look like a human at all.

“It possibly might be something with the government but it’s unexplainable.

“In my opinion these things come from another planet.”

Another fan then called up offering a different explanation.

“I just watched this four times and this Alien Grey, he moves a lot like a human.

“He looks like he’s wearing some sort of leggings or pants and his movements are very similar to a man’s – it looks like he’s working on the controls of the ship.”

Not everyone was as convinced by the footage, however.

“Nothing but light and mirrors,” one commented.

And another agreed, writing: “Looks like someone camping and using fluorescent tube lanterns to light the camp site.”

Meanwhile, a set of crop circles appearing in the English countryside has caused a stir.

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