“THE ALIEN AND GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS OF JULIE” and More Creepy True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

THE ALIEN AND GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS OF JULIE” and More Creepy True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: If you’ve listened to Weird Darkness for any length of time, you know that I will often suggest someone who has had a paranormal disturbance in their home or life, reach out to a pastor or priest for guidance. But what exactly happens when the Catholic Church starts investigating the paranormal? (When The Catholic Church Goes Ghost Hunting) *** Many states around America say they have the most haunted road in the country. And while the words “most haunted” are somewhat subjective, it’s hard not to see why people outside of Chicago consider Archer Avenue not only the top spooky street in America, but the most haunted on the planet. (The Anguish Of Archer Avenue) *** After allegedly murdering her husband in 1960, Sharon Kinne shot her lover’s pregnant wife. Then, she evaded justice and escaped to Mexico only to kill again — before vanishing without a trace. (The American Murderess Who Disappeared in 1969) *** Modern courtrooms aren’t equipped or knowledgable enough to determine whether or not ghosts are real, but that hasn’t stopped ghosts from appearing in several court cases! (Court Cases Involving Ghosts) *** When you hear of a two-headed creature you typically think of two heads side-by-side growing from the neck and shoulders area. But have you ever heard of a creature growing another head on the very top of it’s other head? It happened… and not to just any creature. It was a human boy who lived much longer than anyone expected. (The Bengal Boy With Two Heads) *** Buried alive inside the castle walls, the Finnish Maiden immured still haunts the medieval building of Olavinlinna Castle.  (The Maiden of Olavinlinna Castle) *** But first… the case of “Julie” from Carlisle in the United Kingdom is an intriguing one not only because it unfolded over many years, but because it appears to straddle the line between apparent reptilian entities and paranormal activity. We begin with that story! (The Encounters of Julie)
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