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IN THIS EPISODE: A father locked his kids in a trailer while going out to get drunk – but the supernatural makes him pay for it. (Daddy Demon) *** A non-believer in the supernatural is forced to rethink his beliefs when he almost dies of fright. (The Screaming Waitress) *** Not all monsters in the closet are imaginary – as one parent found out. (The Bad Man In The Closet) *** Most stories of people being abducted by aliens, or being experimented on by extraterrestrials are often chalked up to something like sleep paralysis. But what if the aliens leave behind scars on your body that cannot be explained? (They Came Into My Bedroom) *** At the end of the podcast… what’s the deal with Friday the 13th? When did it begin? Is there anything to it? Is there anything we can do about it? (Why Does Friday The 13th Scare us So Much?) *** We head to 1897 Boston, where a young woman is found dead, strangled… and the only eye-witness is a blind man. (15 Corning Street)
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