Where’d you go, Darren? Are you avoiding me? Is it something I said?

Image result for no time for social mediaFor those of you who’ve been messaging me on Facebook or Twitter and you’re wondering why you’re not getting quick responses as I used to give – it’s because I’ve uninstalled Messenger on my phone (oh what sweet relief!), turned off most notifications, and I’m trying to keep all social media tabs closed during the day now.

My work load has doubled as of late (a good thing!) and social media was sucking away too much of my day and leaving me with nothing to show for it (a bad thing). So I’m only checking in on social media a couple of times a day now – typically first thing in the morning as I wake up, and then as I get ready to call it a day in the late afternoon/early evening.

Please don’t take offense if I’m not responding quickly to you. If you DO need me, and it’s URGENT, you can always email me through the CONTACT page. Thanks for understanding!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to recording today’s episode of Weird Darkness and also narrate about six chapters for two different audiobooks.

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