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Many folktales, stories, and myths around the world begin with folk “straying from the path” and meeting beautiful females, only to discover that they are treacherous vampires. Since Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror Dracula the silver screen has seen many versions of the vampire; in 1922, actor Max Schreck played Nosferatu, Count Orlok (Dracula) in a silent classic about the demise of Dracula, and in 1931 Bela Lugosi became the infamous vampire in what is regarded as the first legitimate adaptation of Stoker’s novel. In  Daybreakers, Hollywood reimagines the world of the infamous nocturnal bloodsuckers, and The Count has been a dominant character on Sesame Street from 1969 to the present. But where did vampires first appear in history? And what do they really represent?

IN THIS EPISODE: Students move into a relative’s home near where they’ll be training on the job – and not even the owner of the home knew what frights were happening in her upstairs rooms. (Two Months of Terror) *** A ghostly sentinel, a dark witch’s revenge, a haunted church, and other unexplained happenings – they all seem to take place in and around a certain cemetery in Salem, Ohio. (Haunted Salem Cemetery) *** It is said that some hundred years ago, people in Jamaica believed the powers of so-called “Shadow Killers”. But who were they? (Shadow Killers of Jamaica) *** Police had stopped the investigation of Nicole van den Hurk’s murder, so her stepbrother falsely confessed in order to get her body reexamined for DNA testing. (False Confession) *** Although most scientists say that traveling in time “still” is not possible, a Washington lawyer says he has done it dozens of times as part of a secret project during the Cold War. (Proof of Time Travel) *** Is it possible that the origin of Dracula, the Devil, and even the evil bloodsucking Baobhan Sith all have their origins from one source? (Sumerian Vampires)

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