“THE CURSED VILLAGE OF WITCHES” and 5 More Terrifying True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

Nestled away within the rolling foothills of the Moncayo mountain range, in the province of Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, is the tiny village of Trasmoz. The town has a long history, with its origins as a lordship dating back to the 12th century. Its colorful and turbulent past has seen it being conquered by Jaime I, king of Aragón, as well as a civil war with the nearby Veruela Abbey, and it is also known as being the temporary home of a Spanish inventor of the mop and its bucket. Over the years the population has dwindled here from around 10,000 people in its heyday to just around 62 permanent residents, and it seems like just another quaint little Spanish countryside town, but this place is remarkable as having a rather sinister past as a place of witches, pagan rituals, and black magic. I’m Darren Marlar and this is Weird Darkness…

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IN THIS EPISODE: When Jeffrey Dampier won the lottery, he thought he finally had it all. Little did he know that someone was about to take everything from him. (No Good Deed Goes Unpunished) *** They found Annie stretched out on the floor with a pistol lying by her hand. There was no sign of a struggle and nothing had been taken; they could only conclude that Annie had taken her own life. But is that really what happened? (The Annie Dorman Mystery) *** When you think of seeing a ghost, you almost automatically envision an ethereal being, in flowing white – like that of a woman in a wedding dress. And that might make sense, seeing as there are a lot of dead brides-to-be floating around America. (Til Death: Ghost Brides of the United States) *** You’ve seen them on the outside of large gothic buildings and massive churches. Their stone faces and menacing presence can be unsettling to some. But what are the purpose of gargoyles? (In The Protection of Gargoyles) *** Were Betty and Barney Hill actually visited and even abducted by aliens in 1961, or was it an outlandish story just to get attention? (The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction) *** The village of Trasmoz in Spain is said to be cursed by witches. Could there be a truth in the lore? (The Cursed Village of Witches)

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Psalm 91:5 = “You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day.”

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